Gamereactor: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Crystal Bearers review

Gamereactor writes: "Crystal Bearer is pretty. Sure, the refresh rate drops sometimes and I never got a headache from counting polygons, but it still manges to look damn good. The environments are beautiful, vibrant and varied. The architecture is interesting. Nature shifts gently between something sparse and controlled to something lush and out of this worldly. Admittedly, the lack of communication with most of the world's inhabitants makes some areas feel a bit lifeless, but overall it's a really impressive fantasy world that unfolds in front of me."

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Lightel0s3668d ago

Anyone expenting to play a traditional FF game in this one is out of his mind

however FF:CB is a pleasure to your eyes in the wii, pretty GX, nice gameplay. Its a diferent product and its nice to play it.

the gameplay could be better but its not bad overrall.

SpoonyRedMage3668d ago

No, the combat isn't just shaking them from side to side and if you do that you can't actually beat the majority of the enemies. It starts off simple but by the time you get to high tide cove you have to use actual tactics... it's like any other game.

Plus by skipping the combat you miss the myrrh fragments which you can't buy with the money you find and you can't buy all the materials anyway and the money you get is quite miniscule.

I also don't get the complaints about repetitiveness... there's a lot of variety in the combat. Take for instance the Lett Highland Campaign I, there's bombs and Goblin hunters, the hunters can shoot arrows if you pick them up to attack from a range, they also deflect fire or you can pick up the bomb use it as a projectile and catch the other enemies in the blast or you can throw fire or gunpowder at them to blow them up instantly... or you can extinquish them.

Plus each fight has a different set up with different tools, enemies and layout to use to your advantage, each fight works differently and you can't go into all of them with the same strategy or you will lose.

Not to mention the boss enemies like The King Behemoth, Iron Giants, Marlboros and The Demon Wall where you need a specific strategy to overcome, it introduces a puzzle element to the combat.

Plus they must only have about 25% completion. What a fail review... like most of them.