Killzone 2, better 3D than the motion controller has written: "Guerrilla Games denies working on a patch for using the motion controller.
Actually Guerrilla is working on a different solution: 3D. Categorically denied any solution for motion contoller, the team confirmed that instead are studying the feasibility of issuing a patch to enable three-dimensional view, a feature which is published by Sony through firmware upgrade once the project is approved for its marketing . To enjoy this device, Sony has entered into agreement with RealD, the company that produces 3D glasses."

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-Alpha3661d ago

I like the 3-D loading screens, and I think the HUD would be great in 3-D.

Fishy Fingers3661d ago

The loading screens aren't 3D, they're just cleverly displayed to give the impression. But KZ2 would certainly make for a good 3D show case.

A Cupcake for Gabe3661d ago

I just want to see sh1t fly out of the screen when it's blown up.

joydestroy3661d ago

this would be awesome indeed!

DaTruth3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

Time to upgrade my hard drive; 1GB patches for every game!

DamonTheMoney3661d ago

Fu. King. Awe. Some. :D

I'm picking up a 3D TV in the next couple of years, and I'd absolutely love to see KZ2 in 3D. Can't wait!

-Alpha3661d ago

Yeah I know -_- But they had that cool 3-D effect.

It was pretty clever too, K2 loading times get pretty long if you switch in and out between campaign and MP so they were a great way to pass the time.

And the HUD in K2 is quite nice too.

Of course, seeing an ATAC falling down on you in 3-D would also look very impressive.

arakouftaian3660d ago

saying the loading times on killzone are long is patetic

your a f%#@$$ troll

i saw your had like 3 bubble a day ago how did you recover all of them?
multiple accounts?


on topic

killzone 2 will be nice on 3d

if someone can make me buy a 3d tv soon

is killzone in 3d

only if they don't cost over 2500 on the 55"

please sony make it easy for us

STONEY43660d ago

Actually from what I can tell, the loading times seem to get longer after every patch. I swear it didn't take so long when the game was launched.

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Roper3163661d ago

I would play through again if a 3D patch is made, but won't if it is a motion control patch they make. I'm looking forward to trying gaming in real 3D, already tried the motion control thing on my Wii hated it, boxed up the Wii and buried it in the closet.

sikbeta3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

KZ2 + 3D = Epic Win

KZ2 + Motion-C = WTF?

vhero3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I agree I mean which would be better Halo Reach with motion control or Killzone 2 in 3D? 3D is easily the better option motion control is now in the past Sony is moving with it sure but it's not the future for Sony. 3D is gonna be the next biggest thing since HD TV I mean even SKY TV are adding brand new 3D TV channels later this year to customers and 3D TV's are hitting the market. Motion controls are so 2000-2009.

Milky Joe3661d ago

What about KZ2 + 3D + Motion-C!?

Cenobia3661d ago

I think that has a lot of potential to make people physically ill.

DaTruth3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

All consoles will have motion controls by Fall(Finally Wii can be compared).

Wii had something that set it apart from the others and saw the sales because of it. For motion controls, you can go with any console but 3D will set PS3 apart from the pack. Nobody will buy a new console for MC, when they have one already hooked up to the television; But if you want 3D movies and games(possibly the next big gimmick comparable to Hi-Def), then you will have to buy a PS3!(Nobody thought people would shell out thousands of dollars for HDTV's, but I don't know a single person without one!)

I almost bought a Samsung 3DTV. Thank God as I would have caught the early adopter syndrome since it isn't the new 3D standard! ... Come to think of it, I bought a Bravia instead, which also isn't 3D ready, so either way!

FragGen3660d ago

total agreement.

One thing the Wii, DS, and PSP have proven to me is that a great game can be made into a coaster with a retarded/inappropriate controller mapping. A lot of DS and Wii games are completely gimped by devs forcing users to use their gimmicky controls (motion, touch screen) in lieu of something that would actually work correctly.

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gijsbrecht3661d ago

I still don't see how that would work with an FPS. But then again, perhaps there is a clever way to make such a thing work.
As for the 3D stuff; would that work on a 'normal' HD television? If only some special pair of glasses are required to enjoy KZ2 in 3D on my new 46' Samsung, then I will gladly go through the campaign a couple more times. It's spectacular as it is right now, but in 3D, that would be amazing.

CARRIERHASARRIVED3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

About the Arc thing.. KZ2 is built around feeling weighty, if they use The Wand/Arc for it then won't the game lose all of its special weighty feeling? It would basically feel like a pc shooter wouldn't it? Twicthy.

gijsbrecht3661d ago (Edited 3661d ago )

I think you have a good point. The dual shock does add a lot to the experience, which would be lost with something like the Arc. Didn't even think about that.

corneliuscrust3661d ago

same reason why killzone2 will never come to PC.

You can't have a pointer style control with simulated weighty controls. It just feels like a delay and get's frustrating

Immortal3213661d ago

3d can really immerse a gamer

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