Free PS3 Dynamic Themes And How to Get Them writes:

"Free PS3 Dynamic Themes, it's not a big list, but here it is anyway.
You'll need a UK PSN account to access two them."

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Blaze9293669d ago

they all should be free period. i want the heavy rain theme so bad...but not $3 bad for something only I can see. Why cant we just make custom ones.

Megaton3669d ago

I think it was said that you need a dev kit to make dynamic themes.

-Alpha3669d ago

yeah, dynamic themes are pretty cool but it's such a nickel and dime scheme.

I'm waiting for community dynamic themes if it's at all possible. I'm pleasantly surprised that custom themes are attainable but dynamic themes are so awesome.

DarkTower8053669d ago

Xiphos is correct, you need a PS3 dev kit to make dynamic themes.

SilentNegotiator3669d ago

I agree that $3 is a bit much, but I disagree that we're "entitled", or whatever, to have them for "free"

TheDudeAbides3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

im not paying for no theme. period.

i doubt there is a necessary need for a dev kit, they simply know there will be tons of premium quality free themes, so they don't allow it

edit// themes, home gear, etc. should be unlockable in example after getting platinum

Noob3669d ago

But developers have stated that they don't profit off of these themes at all.


DarkTower8053669d ago

The devs haven't made any money on dynamic themes because so far the majority have sucked ass fumes. If they started to time dynamic themes and avatars with the release of the games much profit can be made off of hype alone. I would have spent alot of money on Uncharted dynamic themes and avatars had they been available, but sadly they weren't.

Come on now, it's only a slightly animated background and icons. How much work would it require an expert animator/designer to do for that? I don't think much.

A Cupcake for Gabe3669d ago

Hope to see a site where there are user created dynamic themes, like you can get themes from the PSN Browser on various ps3 theme sites.

mugoldeneagle033669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

When I saw the Afrika dynamic theme for $2.99 on the US store, the exact same Afrika theme which I got for free on my JPN account. I love the dynamic themes and they look great, just wished they were cheaper.

$1 would be a perfect price and I'd buy at least 2-3 immediately

Pillage053668d ago

It'd be cool if you would get a free dynamic theme with every game you buy heavy rain so you get the heavy rain dynamic theme. Or an idea could be you get the dynamic theme free when you platinum a game. That would be cool.

Time_Is_On_My_Side3668d ago

I just don't understand why people always think everything Sony should be free. Microsoft charges for themes and had an upgrade of the look with the old paid themes being obsolete (with no users complaining). Companies have to make money somehow?

ravinash3668d ago

They should charge to the value of the product they are selling.
£3 is a bit much for an animated wall paper.

If it were £1, then I probably would have brough 3 times as many. at this cost I'm sure they are turning more people away than what they are making at the higher cost.
I would pay £3 for a good theme, but the problem is you don't get to see it before you buy it and sometimes the theme isn't as good as you hoped.
If this is the case then I think a lower cost will mean you haven't lost much so your willing to come back and try another one.

garos823668d ago

no idea why you are getting disagrees but you hit the nail with that comment.

getting platinum in games that only gives "the honour" of getting a platinum is pointless to me. reward me with some home items/wallpapers/dynamic themes and im pretty sure id attempt many more platinums than the fat zero i currently have :)
agree 100% + bubbles

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Godmars2903669d ago

So all I have to do to get the GOW3 theme is buy a Slurpee?

plstcsldgr3669d ago

2 large slurpees which is all of 3 bucks. but you get slurpees.

Gothdom3669d ago (Edited 3669d ago )

I live in Quebec Canada, we don't have 7-11's... :(

if anyone has an extra code could you PM it to me

pimpmaster3669d ago

oh noes, you live in canada and theres no 7-11s what ever will you do?? how bout pay 3$ for the theme cheapskate.

Gothdom3669d ago

Unlike you, if there was a local promotion and someone from elsewhere in the world would like to benefit from it, I'd be helping him, like I did so many times.

Not everyone is selfish like you.

BaSeBaLlKiD7213669d ago

The dynamic theme for GoW3 is worth 6 points. I bought a medium slurpee. It's 3 points each medium cup and I believe 4 points for a large.

By the way, I suggest you guys to double your slurpee cups. That's what I did, so I got 6 points all together for the price of 1, :P

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richierich3669d ago

Website wont load for me :(

peeps3669d ago

had the wipeout 1 for ages (just cus it's free lol)

i really like the heavy rain theme but cba paying for it, but recently realised the HMV are offering the limited edition for the same price as regular, which includes the theme amongst other stuff

Raoh3669d ago

i bought the heavy rain dynamic theme. i love it. its a silly purchase sure, but its looks so cool with the dark environment and the rain falling across the screen.

this will probably be the only dynamic theme i ever buy though..

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