Next Halo Developer?

Halo is arguably the mother of all FPS games on consoles right now. It has the greatest contribution in making the FPS genre popular on consoles. And all credit goes to Bungie, the developers of the series. Now there is actually lots of time left till Halo: Reach releases, the last Halo project by Bungie. But that doesn't mean Halo series will be done and dusted. Microsoft will obviously continue this blockbuster franchise and for which they must have, by now, thought of the possible next big developer that can carry the reigns from Bungie. Now carrying the Bungie legacy and following their footsteps will not be an easy job for any developer. But we also believe there are enough talented and experienced developers out there who can do the job with same or better effectiveness. So here at GB we thought of just sharing our wish list of those awesome developers that we would love to see working on future Halo projects.

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mjolliffe3664d ago

After Reach it's Bungie again.

They're hiring for their next Halo projects now...

gameseveryday3664d ago

I felt the need to comment on this.

Actually Bungie have said before that Halo Reach will be their last Halo Game. However they even said that when Halo 3 came out. Looks like they are following the kojima way if you ask me.

RockmanII73663d ago

Bungie has confirmed on multiple occasions that their next game is a new IP and not Halo related.

Blaze9293663d ago

The new Halo developers are 343 Industries who will control all things Halo including Reach. They started with Halo: Waypoint. I thought everyone knew this already.

Saaking3663d ago

Didn't MS make a whole new company to keep pumping out Halo games? 343 Industries right?

Fanb0y3663d ago

343 is just there to handle the franchise - marketing and such. I highly doubt they could make a game for sh*t.

Major Kanimo3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

343 Industries is a japanesse movie studio (they also did the matrix anime) paid by microsoft to produce anime content for Halo Waypoint. They are in no way a game making studio all Halo games are made by Bungie (with the exception of halo wars).

DTClown3663d ago

It is GEARBOX! They have been in development now for well over 2 years on the new HALO. (I have a family member that works there. No I won't mention his name or his position, or the fact he wears glasses...oops)

This IS a big secret, but I don't care since I hate MicroShaft.

SixZeroFour3663d ago

bungie said that REACH was their last halo "for the 360", speculate what you will from that...however i do believe that 343 industries was made to handle all things halo related, including future games

bungie is supposedly working on a new ip, but that still doesnt leave out the possibility for a new halo game for the next gen xbox console from them

hazardman3663d ago

343 Industries is a Microsoft Game Studios internal-build team established to create new properties for the Halo series.

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dgroundwater3663d ago

I think Infinity Ward is very skilled, but their creativity has been castrated by Activision. Do you have any doubt the could make a great original game? FPS or otherwise I would love to see it.

sikbeta3663d ago

Sorry but, What the F*CK has IW to do with Halo and Bungie?

DeFFeR3663d ago

Did you read the flipping article?

No? Then shut your god dam mouth idiot.

damn trolls...

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movements3664d ago

Halo, Halo, Halo, say what you will, it's a massive cash cow!

Xi3663d ago

Spawnpoint studios
wingnut studios
343 industries

PandemicPrawn03663d ago

They own the Halo franchise 100% it's not going to any other console period.

So why not share it around other developers and see what their spin on the Halo universe looks like?

I think it could be neat to see what other third party developers could do with it, different art styles and game types.

we could maybe see a Halo JRPG from Square-Enix or Mistwalker?
A TPS from Epic? or a platformer from Ubisoft?

I'm not suggesting that MS dish out the franchise to anyone and everyone but a fresh Halo experience every couple of years would be great.

DelbertGrady3663d ago

"we could maybe see a Halo JRPG from Square-Enix or Mistwalker?"

How about a Mario FPS from Rebellion? Or perhaps a Gran Turismo RTS from Blizzard? Seriously.

Tony P3663d ago

Maybe the TPS.

If there ever came a Halo JPRG and Japanese gamers *liked* it... I'd die of confusion.

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