PS3 Could Beat Wii's 100,000 In 6 Months Australian Sales Record

Gamer.Blorge Reports:

By comparison, the PS3 has sold around 45,000 units in Australia since its release three months ago in late March.

While this latest Wii sales record may seem like another slap in the face for PS3 fans, the PS3 has sold a respectable 45,000 units in Australia in the three months since its launch. If you take into account that the Wii has been available for six months, it's obvious that the PS3 is not far behind.

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MoonDust4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

Most-likely not. PS3 cost more than twice what the Wii cost. Not the same, lack of games too. Just being realistic.

SmokeyMcBear4231d ago

its been out for the half the time, and is at half the sales number. It is double the price, with absolutely no games out. Just look at the games that are going to be released in the next three months. Just the fact that it is on par with sales numbers in a similar timeline, selling in an abysmal time of year in march to june,is freaking amazing. come on man, use your head.

ngg123454231d ago

It waS in the top 5 for 3 months.

Bathyj4231d ago

The first half of the year (which PS3 has only been around for half of) has had no games. The second half (which contains a brisk little shopping period know as the Silly Season) is chock full of games. Do you think this influx of software is going to help or harm sales? Plus dont count out the price cut, we all know is coming.

Yesterday I preordered 9 games, mostly on PS3, mostly. And that was just to cover my major bases. There are other titles I will be getting as well.

MoonDust4231d ago (Edited 4231d ago )

I'm just saying it's unlikely it will. But if it does, good for them.

Marceles4231d ago

hah, and the Wii has so many more games than PS3...right

unsunghero284231d ago

And with roughly the same lack of titles, the Wii is still selling more.

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gunnerforlife4231d ago

he cant use his head thats why xbots never get that far in life lmao

Xi4231d ago

even though this post is about the ps3 and wii. Good Game.

MoonDust4231d ago

This coming from the guy that can't complete a sentence. Its not much of a insult.

Sano644231d ago

You must be kidding me,the sales will drop off soon and hard!

Zidandy4231d ago

How the hell would you know?! Do you have any evidence whatsoever? Stupid, stupid man.

gunnerforlife4231d ago

in till that happens dont say its floping ok the game is going better than it should be with only 2 great games out and now that the big games are starting too come out NS darkness and more games in the coming months dont tell me you think its still not gone pick up sales around the world.

MoonDust4231d ago

That looks like it was written by a mentally handicap person. Oops, I think, I think, I think it was. That's all folk.

Shaka2K64231d ago

Dont compare sales of a last gen. console with a rip off price tag. to real next gen. system please.

toughNAME4231d ago

lol..i love how everyone ignores you

(im the exception..because m laughing out loud)

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The story is too old to be commented.