OMG - 02.08.10 -

Gamervision says, "Neither rain, nor sleet, nor a Super Bowl stopped us from finding all the big news stories that needed to be reported on. This week, we get to the heart of the matter with the announcement of the Fallout MMO beta, our resident experts on all things Final Fantasy XIII dissect the benefits of the three disc 360 version, and our chief Nintendo correspondent Dominic Moschitti stops by with the latest on Nintendo's next Zelda title. I don't want to say this week is Pulitzer worthy, mostly because it's not, but damn if we don't report the shit out of some stuff.
OMGTWWFTW, or Oh My God, This Week Was For The Win, is Gamervision's weekly video game news show. The show, hosted by Luke Brown, premiered December 31, 2008, and originally emulated the popular Entertainment Network television show The Soup. Beginning in January 2010, the show was redubbed OMG, with the phrase "This Week was for the Win" removed from the title, but kept as a tag line. Luke Brown remained the host, but the Daily Show-styled revamp also introduced two new full-time field correspondents, Dominic Moschitti and Jonathan Cooper. Now in its second year, OMG continues to examine current events, people, and policies of the video game industry with its trademark biting wit and sarcasm. Oh, and dick jokes."

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