Sony And PS3, Looking Good

Sony Chief Financial Officer Nobuyuki Oneda says that they are still making a loss on every PS3 sold, but now it is just a paltry $18. But with an attach rate of around 8 games for every PS3 sold Sony are now making an overall profit out of every new PS3 owner, which is what we want for the health of the game industry. And it isn't just the PS3 that is making a profit, Sony as a whole are.

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eagle213670d ago

But the haters will ignore

Prototype3670d ago

I'm waiting on someone to post some sales data and say something like

"X game only sold 250K and Y game only sold 120K the attach rate is more every 8 people buy a game lol" or something stupid like that.

So far I'm real happy with my PS3 gaming collection, always have a game to play that's different on both disc and download.

Tony-A3670d ago

I myself have 13 PS3 games, more than half of which are exclusive.

snaz273670d ago

he was doubting that the ps3 cost more than they sell it for in another article, to be fair to him it didnt have a source, well here is the source for him... whats the betting he doesnt see it? lol