Test Drive Unlimited Priced at $40

Atari today announced official pricing for its upcoming, next-generation racing game, Test Drive Unlimited. Atari will offer Test Drive Unlimited for Xbox 360 for $39.95. To further extend consumers' gaming experiences, Test Drive Unlimited car packs featuring six or more cars, complete with genre-specific radio stations, will be available for download monthly, beginning six weeks after launch on Xbox Live Marketplace.

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bernie6162d ago

I played this game last week and would have gladly paid full price for it. to have it discounted is brilliant, with both Atari and EA lowering Xbox360 retail prices its great news for us 360 gamers :)

Zaskark56162d ago

the guy above you stole your news L3e!



this is just another example of how 360 and MS actually care about gamers needs. sony can take their $75 blu ray discs and shove them up kuturagi's ass.

gamerof3606162d ago

actully *hairy A$$* just clearing that up i no 40$ yea better graphics for a lower price this will leave my wallet happy as well happy

bizzy126162d ago

wtf 40 dollars the same price as current gen games thanks microsoft your the best sony your going down this time around,they are the opposite now we had the powerfule system but dident do good in xbox now sony have the powerfule system on papper lets see if they use all thats under there hood and not smokes and mirrors like they always do

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