Pocket-Lint: Dante's Inferno review

PL: Ah, Dante's Inferno: the game where EA surprises us all with a sensitive, literate take on the first part of Dante Alighieri's 14th Century Masterpiece, The Divine Comedy, taking us on the poet's imaginary journey through the nine circles of Hell, led by the Roman poet Virgil. Offering fascinating insights into the medieval mind, this rich, scholarly effort, featuring dazzling graphics inspired by Medieval frescos, gives us scope to contemplate the nature of sin and redemption, and captures - in video game form - the poet's musings on science, philosophy, politics and history. Somehow, the company that reduced The Godfather Part II to a cheap GTA clone with added T&A has treated this literary classic with the respect and reverence it deserves. Play, learn and wonder.

Sorry. Only joking. EA's Visceral Games studio - yep the same ones who came up with the brilliant Dead Space - have turned the lengthy, widely unread medieval poem into, well, a cheap God of War clone with added T&A.

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