IncGamers: Lost Horizon Hands On Preview

IncGamers' Andy Alderson gets to grips with Animation Arts' latest point and click adventure on the PC.

From the preview;

"The player takes on the role of Fenton Paddock (surely the least action-sounding name since Toby Picnic), a former British soldier now earning a living (or rather, making enemies) as a drunken rogue in Hong Kong. Paddock has a habit of getting himself into a bit of bother and at the beginning of Lost Horizon he's managed to incur the wrath of the Hong Kong Triads who want nothing more than to leave him at the bottom of the harbour in a rudimentary coffin. Once he's dodged an early demise, Paddock is asked by the governor of Hong Kong to track down a missing expedition in Tibet which unfortunately includes Paddock's brother Richard."

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Fyzzu3662d ago

The main character is called Fenton Paddock? Bahahahahahahahahahaha.

Cogo3662d ago

The developers are not without humour :P

Leord3662d ago

The name makes me think of a talking duck and a talking bear having marvellous adventures together.

Leord3662d ago

This really sounds like a game I would like.

Cogo3662d ago

I wonder just how detailed they will describe the triads in the game...

Maticus3662d ago

What, no UFOs on roller skates in this one? Bah.

Redrudy3662d ago

I quite liked the indie games this could be a trip down memory lane for me.