Cut the Crap: Quantum Theory is Important

Kombo: Everyone knows that Japanese game developers are on their back foot. Kojima himself has expressed concern for both the market and the state of development in Japan. Bloggers across the Internet bash the Japanese for ignoring the evolution of the industry. The Japanese have earned this scorn. Lost Planet has enemies with giant glowing red weak spots. JRPGs have had the same story with different window dressings for more than twenty years.

Now we have a game called Quantum Theory. Quantum Theory is clearly inspired by Gears of War, an entirely Western styled game. What does the collective Internet do? Bash it into oblivion.

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qface643664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

now that its multi plat its important? but when it was ps3 exclusive it really wasn't seen as that?

i never saw this game as important i can tell right now by looking at it when its finally released its gonna be a game that gets average reviews and average sales nothing special just an average game
just saying my opinion

Solidus187-SCMilk3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

I wonder if this guy has seen the gameplay videos. It looks pretty bad. Especially when you consider the Uncharteds, Gears, and Mass Effects. I just dont see many people wanting to play this game.

prettyboy13663d ago

i see nothing speacial here jus a average shooter sorry

GodGinrai3663d ago

I dont have particularly high hopes for this game based on what ive seen of it.But i wont wont comment on an unfinished product that i havent even played. I agree though that japanese games dont lead the way in terms of game design anymore.

Things sure are different from the 90`s.... the japanese gave us the first proper 3d beat em up and racing game (virtua fighter and virtua racing) they gave us the first proper 3d platform game (mario), the driving game that redefined the genre (GT). Now it seem that western devs utilise their hardware better than them..look at the ps3`s top games...apart from MGS and GT. the games that really showed us how capable the ps3 truly is were developed in the west(KZ2, unchartered 1&2, resistance 2 ,heavy rain....GOW3!!).

japanese gamers need to broaden there gaming palletes too. im sure the devs are only giving the audience what they want.which is more of the same but thats why JRPG`s are so stale..and if it aint that then its another dynasty warriors or ...another pokemon. I hope they can get it together though because i would hate to see the japanese games industry go the way of the arcade scene.

They need to embrace certain western designs ,incorperate it into there own games and seek to improve on it . things like more believable character instead of western stereo types (looks at capcom). renegade/paragon type choices in gamess. well implemented co op . better online funtionality in there games and perhaps start putting things like physics and real time scnery damage. thsese things are not just eye candy they need to really put it to work in there games and see how it affects design.

thats why i dont have high expectations for this game ,now that i think about it. things we take for granted in BC2,ME2,gears,kz2,unchartered2 etc. (like good characters ,destructable scenery,solid multi player) will probably all be abcent from this game .making it feel like something from the ps2 era.i could be wrong though.