Aliens vs. Predator demo shows promise, fails to sell game

ARS: Aliens vs Predator may very well be a good game, but the demo doesn't do much to sell it.

The demo is multiplayer-only and only showcases one map and one game mode: deathmatch. The servers are public and trying to find a game is an exercise in frustration. In over two hours spent with the PlayStation 3 version of the demo (it's also available on the 360 and PC) I managed to play a scant three games. And one of those got disconnected. Ben had similar issues when trying to connect to the PC version.

Once you actually get in a game things run pretty smoothly, though deathmatch isn't really the best way to show off a game with three unique races to play as. Especially when you seem to be randomly assigned a race. After a brief loading screen displaying the controls for the game, you're tossed into the fray with no other guidance.

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hay3668d ago

1. PC demo was patched works a lot better now. It's a shame PS3 still suffers from this issue.

2. Race isn't assigned randomly. It preserves a ballance by limiting number of players for certain races o if there's 2 or 3 preds on a match for 8, it'll be grayed out. Same with aliens.

3. Predator is fast and powerful. Not as fast as alien, but more powerful.

4. PC controls needs a bit of adjustment, that's all. It all plays fine after that.

5. The game plays almost the same as previous titles. It's fun for fans, and each race is unique. And just cause of that diversity it deserves attention more than Killzones or Halos in that areas. You have 3 completely unique experiences here.
Though cause of that diversity, learning curve for aliens and preds, it's a game for the hardcore players.

W-k3668d ago

"Especially when you seem to be randomly assigned a race."lmao you can change your race before the game starts its just the menu is poorly designed took me 2 matches to figure it out....this game is going to fail...but i did like the game play it was kind of fun i think im going to rent this i want to try the story mode with the alien.its kinda too bad how this game is turning out could of been one of the best games this year but now it doesn't stand a chance i hope they delay it and work on it some more it needs it.iv never herd of a dev needing to patch a demo.

Slick3483668d ago

what's wrong with the game? it has it's flaws, but i wanna hear what u think is wrong with it and i guarantee everything u say would be wrong...

stagga3668d ago

I totally agree, the menu system wasn't great. It didn't explain for instance that only 2 people could be predators so since i wasn't quick enough with the horrible clunky interface I never got to try that. And a straight up DeathMatch is no way to highlight this game's strong points (assuming that it works like you'd expect). Team DM would have been a much better idea surely? Then you could actually work together to exploit each race's strengths and weaknesses. In DM as a Marine it just felt like luck when you killed someone and then if they got in close you had no chance. It wasn't really fun.

And 'Slick348' 'guarantee' anyone who finds fault with the game is wrong? I'm sorry, who the hell are you?

stagga3668d ago

Also the first review is in. GameInformer magazine gives it only 58. I hope that they're wrong as I want this to be as good as the old ones but I'll wait for other reviews before ordering it.

PimplePopperMD3668d ago

This isnt a game to buy for multiplayer. I may be getting this game and if I do it will be for the single player.

IrishAssa3668d ago

Multi is the main focus, trust me. Deathmatch is NOT, it shouldn't be in this game, Really it shouldn't.

Saryk3668d ago

In my opinion the demo was decent. My son was having fun as the alien, surprised he didn't like the predator. I'll wait for the game to drop 10-20 bucks before I buy.

IrishAssa3668d ago

Haha my little brother is ridiculous with the Alien, he got 30 kills 0 deaths yesterday, I was jealous, I got 30 kills 17 kill streak the other day as a Pred though and he's jealous of me