EA hides Dante's Inferno ads in source code of popular sites

ARS: The PR campaign for Dante's Inferno has been quite the adventure. Booth babes were listed as prizes, game writers were sent $200 checks, and EA paid for "Christian" picketers to protest the game at E3. True, these things may have been controversial, but they were successful in their intent to get everyone talking about the game. The latest stunt is eerie, and gets bonus points for both creativity and giving the fans some fun bonuses.

If you looked at the source code of certain social networking sites, as well as gaming locations, you may have found a surprise in the past few days: ASCII artwork from Dante's Inferno and a password to be put into a mysterious site. The site shows six slots for the passwords, meaning there were six hidden images scattered around the Internet.

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Mr_Bun3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

"From killing unbaptized babies to dead priests with a crucifix lodged in their eye-socket"....Themes no longer exclusive to the bible.