European PSN releases for June 22nd

PS3Fanboy reports:

"We told you it was coming, and today it all finally arrived. Calling All Cars, PS1 games and a little added bonus. Check out the list below for the full release info.

Calling All Cars (£4.99)
Rampage: World Tour (£1.99)
WipEout (£3.49) PS1 game
Jumping Flash (£3.49) PS1 game
Crash Bandicoot (£3.49) PS1 game

So there you have it, not a trailer in sight. Yet, ironically, we kind of miss them. Where are the other two PS1 games, though? You know, the ones we actually want to buy. Syphon Filter and Medievil. Perhaps we'll see them arrive next week, along with Super Stardust HD."

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AngryHippo4134d ago

finally....all of us in the UK and the rest of Europe get some decent content from the PSN. Hopefully sony will keep the content coming....just bought calling all cars, hoefully it is a worthwhile purchase, looks cool....anyhow im of to give it a go, well done sony, keep delivering and people will start to purchase your console, heres to E3 and seeing what they have in store for us, i am really excited about what sony is going to show.