Mass Effect 2: How to create your own Sexy Shepard

GamerZines: In response to the massive amount of interest generated by our 'Sexiest Shepards' article, we've compiled the ID numbers of everyone's favourite avatar designs so nobody will be stuck with a 'plain Jane' when they'd prefer a 'beautiful Beth.'

Simply enter the following ID codes when you're asked to create a character in Mass Effect 2 and voilà your very own version of these sultry Shepards.

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kesvalk3665d ago (Edited 3665d ago )

the codes are all wrong...

for the ice queen the code is this one
651.1FL.117.F7T.SD1.JAG.11E.1 15.RE6.117.247.176

741.16D.G11.721.JI7.13R.1GG.4 11.IF1.415.4G7.176

751.QGN.A19.J89.UL1.17W.BNK.7 46.RD6.317.2G6.326

dind't found the plastic one... it was ugly anyway...

damn amateurs, can't even make a proper article with the actual infomation...

Proxy3665d ago

Oh yeah, this is the top story on the main page,now posted a second time.

CranberryPub3665d ago

None of the codes are wrong

BeaArthur3665d ago

I don't care if my Shepard isn't super hot. Shes the one I used the first time around which helps make the narrative more engrossing.

Kyrwolf3665d ago

I've got to play this game! :) Just got it but have yet to open the package and put it on my PC.

Godmars2903665d ago

Thought you can't have lesbian sex anymore? No side-boob? And since no ones posted them, I'm guessing there aren't any animations of female Shepard getting busy. Just looking at female strippers.

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The story is too old to be commented.