New Winning Eleven Game Announced

Konami has announced it will release a new Winning Eleven title this year.

It seems the new football title, Winning Eleven 2010 Aoki Samurai no Chosen (yes, it's catchy) will tie in with the World Cup this summer (albeit unofficially), with players joining the Japanese national team and taking on the best in the world.

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Leord3668d ago

Great. Another football game. Just what the world needs...

Hakimy3668d ago

WE is PES and we only have 2 football games on HD consoles.I wish there was another football game,at least more variety and choices for us.and someone might be able to create one which is better than Fifa or PES so how is that bad? ;)

AndyA3668d ago

PES (or WE) is so far behind FIFA now, it's not even funny. Prime example of a developer resting on its laurels IMO.

Fyzzu3668d ago

This might pick it up a little, though. I've got plenty of fond PES memories and with FIFA actually providing competition, there's reason to make the game better.

AndyA3668d ago

I'd agree but EA has been in the lead arguably since FIFA 08 and definitely since FIFA 09, with little in the way of an effective response by Seabass and Konami. PES feels primitive in comparison to FIFA now. It's got nothing to do with EA splashing money on the licensing either, this is purely on a gameplay basis.

Medievaldragon3668d ago

Is this thing available on USA and Europe? I mean ... ain't it a japanese game?

Hakimy3668d ago

This is the japanese name for pro evolution soccer.anyway they really should think of a way to enhance the franchise.back in the ps1 & ps2 era it was one of the most popular franchise worldwide but it has been doing bad compared to FIFA this gen.

Maticus3668d ago

FIFA all the way for me I'm afraid, unless something massive changes.

tunaks13667d ago

PES on the Wii is EPIC