PS3 Warhawk Disc Version Details

Gamestop has a product page up for the PS3's highly anticipated shooter Warhawk. It details the contents of the retail disc version of the game, which is also being released as a downloadable game via the Playstation Network.

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Torch4138d ago

Great deal for those of us who are still shopping around for a headset.

MK_Red4138d ago

We get a $25 free headset? Kool but I hear the downloadable version is only $20, so is the headset along with trailers and behind the scenes worth extra $40?

Premonition4138d ago

I mean the price is good with all that butttttttttt, for people who say darn it i have to spend 60bucks to get the headset, you can also choose to download the game, which hopefully is cheaper and then get the blue tooth headset for 25-40bucks and probably save around 15-20 dollars hopefully.

Wolfgang1874138d ago

Ima freakin start cryin when this beta is over :(

twostep184138d ago

so im deff gunna buy the disc...that way i feel like i actually own the game, plus extra features is cool but the free headset is killin since i am in need of one quite bad

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The story is too old to be commented.