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MAG or Massive Action Game as it is known, is a 256 player online FPS that is exclusive to Playstation 3 and is made by Zipper Interactive. The game was originally unveiled at Sony's E3 2008 press conference and utilises a new server architecture to allow 256 players to battle seamlessly online. A lot of doubts were cast over the fact as to whether 256 players would work in one game, but cast the fears aside as it does work and it's brilliant.

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InfectedDK3670d ago

"but cast the fears aside as it does work and it's brilliant."
That's good enough for me.

Pennywise3670d ago

Of course a fair and just review for this game will go ignored by N4G.

knightdarkbox3670d ago

mag in meta: 74

flop sealed and confirmed for 2010.

1233603670d ago

its a skill based team game,thats what makes it so different,i think the game play is spot on when you level up to about then you will have a sight,grip,and health revive med kit.a few freinds around you or a well organised squad then you will have some serious fun,any one attacks this game as rambo will end up looking like bambi your squad is key to the fun and survival in this game.other wise get used to looking at the respawn veiw for along time.its a massive change from COD with dedicated servers runing it theres no lag what so ever,its amazing how this game runs so smooth.zipper has nailed this for a new ip theres a couple of little things to patch out but its been solid from day 1.even none serious fps players can get more xp from just helping heal planting etc than the higher K/D guys your playing along side with which is totally different from any fps i,ve seen.a few of my level 10 prestiage COD friends got owned when they started this,the bull [email protected] they came out with,the sightings off,i can,t run as fast,theres lag,its a snipers week later level 20,18 etc they can,t put it down

raztad3670d ago

Rambo looking like bambi. LOL. That was classy and so true.

Everybody knows I love MAG. However there is situations where the game fails and the players are to blame.

Stuck in a squad with a silent/incompetent leader? you are doomed and probably your platoon and in the worst scenery your faction. No leadership, teamwork means everybody on its own, Rambo style looking like Bambi while the opposite team is increasing their KD ratio.

I have gone through that, and its frustrating to find yourself alone killed while trying to set up charges because NO ONE of your team was covering your back.

majdees3670d ago

believe me, this game is gonna work like a filter in the upcoming months. People who bought it not knowing what they are getting into are going to stop playing. only the skilled, the best, and the ones that understand the game and what it really trying to prove are gonna stay. also new players who appreciate the idea of the game which is "play and stick with the team or die alone" are going to join the war and it's going to be an unforgettable experience.

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