MAG review - 73% in PSM3

"Enjoyable but intimidating"; "Lacking polish," says CVG sister publication.

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Bereaver3663d ago

PSM3 losing credibility fast!

qface643663d ago

oh my god they didn't give a game i like a good score so they are now loosing credibility!!!

why do people forget the rating system is 1-10 NOT 7-10

callahan093663d ago

No, PSM3 has always been pretty harsh on games, including PS exclusives. They don't go gentle just because a game is exclusive, they try to be extremely fair. I think this score is quite low, because in my opinion MAG is a brilliant game, really addictive and totally raises the bar for online shooters. But PSM3 has given tons of games that I love scores in the 60's and 70's, so that's actually considered a relatively good score from them. Their score guidelines say that a low 70% rated game is worth playing if you're into the genre, and I agree with that assessment 100%. If you're not into tactical shooters, you're not going to like MAG, it's not really a game for everyone, but for people like me that are into this sort of game, the game cannot be beaten.

Bereaver3663d ago

Uhhh, they gave Dante's Inferno an 80%.

Natsu X FairyTail3663d ago

how are they losing credibility for reviewing a game and giving their true opinion about it?

Bereaver3663d ago

Funny how you're throwing the word "credibility" and "opinion" around, when I'm giving mine. I didn't say, "losing credibility of all gamers", now did I?

SL1M DADDY3663d ago

It this type of review that makes me wonder. I like DI and MAG is pretty awesome given the scope of game play but one lacks multiplayer and the other single player so what was it that one did better? Gore? Tits? So what? If MAG had some nudity, would it have scored better? Tongue and cheek but MHO none the less.

JsonHenry3663d ago

If this game plays anything like Planet Side (an old PC game) and I am told it does by others I know that have played both, then I can understand why this game is being given the reviews it is being given.

However, the obvious lack of polish in both games did not stop me or anyone else from enjoying the game.

TheDudeAbides3663d ago

You can't take serioulsy idiots who abbreviated "Playstation 3 magazine" to PSM3 :/

ape0073663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

and it pretty much sucks, it feels so underdeveloped, the game feels poor imo but I forget that im in N4G island where every ps3 exclusive will be defended (like ps home) and 90% of multiplatform games get bashed(mw2)

played bc2, didn't like it that much but I can see what people love about it, and it's a day 1 buy for me, cause of the amazing looking single player and awesome delicious gfx\explosions and I may fell in love with other online modes, who knows

The Best Online Experience imho is non other than Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2, yes it has glitches, yes it has campers etc.... but it's the most amazingly brilliant, truly addictive online experience, non-stop awesomeness, haters please shut , IW are kings and a truly TRULY talented developers

it's the number 1 most played game on ps3\360

keep hating, you'll only hurt yourselves

Chubear3663d ago

Best FPS online experience on the planet. If you dont' go experience this cause of a beta or a review then you're simply sheep.

After you play this game for a while, other FPS online experiences will pale in comparison.

Let the haters hate. Gamers are supporting pushing gaming forward while some support the same ol same ol cycle like rats on a wheel. You keep hating and we'll keep experiencing never seen before and better gaming experiences from previous gens while you keep playing last gen gameplay with sub HD gloss.

Pennywise3663d ago

Ape, after a comment like that... how can your opinions be taken seriously.

I didn't like the demo, but I will buy it day one!! BAaaaAAAaaAAAAaaaa. Geez, at least be a BLACK sheep.

ape0073663d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

READ THE WHOLE COMMENT, If you have a little amount of intelligence left in your brain, you would know that I like the game's high production values\ art style, amazing sound, cool explosions,amazing vehicle experience and its overall meaty and explosive nature and if you got that experience and MAKE A SINGLE PLAYER OUT OF IT, it would be a dream come true for me and after I saw that single player video, I can honestly say that it will be a day one buy for me,it got me sold man, YOU UNDERSTAND NOW!!

I hated the game nature of Mag(me personally), it looked dull, ran dull and felt so generic, even If it had a good single player missions, I would still rent it or get it from a friend

because simply it's average

ok ahhmmm, MAG SUCKS alright, you'r happy now....

think like a gamer before you attacks stupidly or your comment will end up on you cause you are dealing with the APE

paul03883663d ago

Take off your fanboy goggles man, the game is horrendous. Everything the article lists is a valid point. The game feels more last gen than Halo 3 and looks just as dated. Just because it's an exclusive doesn't mean it's good.

Good PS3 exclusives: Uncharted 1 & 2, MGS4, Infamous, Socom (not initially), Resistance, GoW 3 and others

Bad PS3 Exclusives: MAG, Lair, Haze

ape0073662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

yeah, seriously they need to take out these damn goggles, they even defend ps home which is the worst hyped thing I've ever seen by sony

and when you argue with them about home, they say "look 10 million accounts created" hahah just give me a state about how many home users logged in at the moment


and they bash call of duty all time which is on of the best games ever and its the most played game on ps3 and 360

home is perhaps the most boring thing I've ever seen, playing home for more than 2 hours can cause depression, I said let's give it a chance it has potential, it could be big, I gave it time time time....... and it came to a point where I just deleted the whole thing from my ps3

you fanboys must look at the mirror and get a life, seriously, Im here to help you

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3662d ago

Im not a fanboy or anything but ive grown to dislike MW2 the more ive played it. When i compare it to COD4 or even the BFBC2 beta I just can't see any reason to play it over other games. I know lots of people love it and im trying to bash it or w/e, I just dont find it enjoyable.

Not a bad score, but not a brilliant one either. If you like shooters though, you should probably give it a go.

ape0073662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I respect your opinion, it's not a problem to disagree but it is a problem to act like a D!ck like one of them above

peace and game on bro :)

raztad3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


Yet again, have you played MAG? how dare you to put MAG in the same vein that Haze? Even if game is not of your liking doesnt mean it's trash.

I understand why a cod lover like ape doesnt dig MAG. It's better for the casual crow to stay away, we MAG players dont want headless chickens roaming around the field and dragging the team down with them. MAG is about getting the job done, no KD ratios. Domination is serious business and nobody likes to lose.

Come on show some respect.

nycredude3662d ago

True opinion = oxymoron

Ontopic: They are correct in that the game is very intimidating, if you play against me and my squad cause we eat noobs and cod lovers for breakfast!

I disagree with the polish though, this game is as polish a 256 player online experience you will get. Way more polished than some other 18 player online experience.

creatchee3662d ago

OK - I was a HUGE hater of MAG after the beta. A few of my old SOCOM clanmates got it and told me that I had to check out the real game. After much debate, I picked it up ONLY because I hadn't played with them in a while and I missed them. I was perfectly fine with playing what I thought to be a not-so-fun game to hang out with buddies.

Boy, was I wrong.

MAG is a lot of fun. Most of my beef with it was the fact that it took so many shots to kill somebody - something that anyone who has been on MW2 for a while could understand. After I got past that, I tried to find more reasons to keep hating it. The maps were too big. The chaos was too much. Etc. Eventually, I figured out how to play the darned game and have been enjoying it quite a lot. There definitely is anywhere from a 2-5 hour window at the beginning where you'll hate the game unless you really don't want to, but after that, if you stick with it, you can have a lot of fun.

Overall, I'm VERY glad that I picked it up. It certainly isn't the greatest game EVAH or anything, but if you spend time with it (and have some good friends to play with), it's a great experience. So natually, I disagree with the 73%. I'd probably give it an 88 or so...

Pennywise3662d ago

A lot of reviewers don't even give it that long. Good for you man, its a great game.

I bet most harsh reviews are from people who have picked raven or valor. They have a hard time winning.... It is starting to even out, but I can see how people get frustrated by losing a lot.

paul03883662d ago

I've put a few hours into the beta and no matter how much I've tried, I just couldn't like it. It's like a COD knockoff with the high player count. It just doesn't feel right to me and there's no way to explain it. If you like it, great, but it's just not my cup of tea. I prefer Socom over it any day.

But please buy it. Zipper is a decent developer and hopefully they'll put the revenue made into a quality game such as a true Socom sequel.

raztad3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


You made a big point. During this first week playing as RAVEN hasnt being easy. SVER has owned us so many times, it can get frustrating. A friend told me he was disappointed by the lack of communication, that resulted in no teamwork and the unavoidable defeat.

Last night we had two awesome matches against SVER. One defending, we hold them off and other attacking, we got a MAJOR victory. It was really satisfying to see SVER destroyed by a very well coordinated team.

I feel RAVEN is starting to put its act together. Get ready for some ownage.

creatchee3662d ago

Yeah - I went VALOR with my buds because, well, that's where my buds play! I do appreciate the extra 10% exp we're currently getting for Sabotage, but I've gotten the jones for Domination. Only problem is, every Domination we play seems to be us attacking SVER, which is akin to trying to take out the Death Star with a BB gun - possible, but highly unlikely.

Still, it can be done, no matter how rough it is. We're getting hardcore too - if our leader doesn't have a mic or isn't leading, we mutiny and boot him. Nothing is worse than jumping into a game where the leader is running in over and over with an assault rifle, getting killed, yelling MEDIC at the top of his lungs, getting up, and repeating endlessly - all without calling in one airstrike or setting up any FRAGOs except for the default. Sigh.

k2d3662d ago

Bereaver - STFU or GTFO.

I dont frequent N4G to read retard troll post like yours.


raztad3662d ago


Bro you are talking business. I have seen that before. If the squad leader is not giving orders a vote for kick him out of the squad get in process.

VALOR is getting tough, they have defeated RAVEN both attacking and defending. SVER vs RAVEN and SVER vs VALOR are more frequent because SVER got more players on Domination, however they are defeat able as has been proven already.

FragGen3662d ago

You know, I love MAG and have played the fanboy here for it in other threads but "Enjoyable but intimidating" and "lacking polish" are both fair criticisms.

Zippers docs and training mode, given the game's differences from twitch FPSs are criminally atrocious. And I'm a FAN of this game, mind you.

It makes the game feel unfinished and given it's complete pwnage of tactical FPS n00bs it's one of the reasons this game is not as well received as it should be.

N4BmpS3662d ago

Don't most of us(you) criticize gaming journalist about being biased and giving games score they don't deserve? It's clear Sony had no hand in bribing that's good but PSM3 shouldn't lose credibility that would be stupid because of this simple fact: MAG isn't nor was it gonna be a critical success along the lines of Uncharted 2, Killzone 2, or Ratchet and Clank: aCNT. The title was simply too ambitious to nail 100 percent on the first try, the scale alone was a difficult feet to reach but they did; the score could have been way worse(like 36%)but it's 76%, average but the game has made great accomplishments like a flawless engine that allows 256 players kill each other with no lag. Don't focus on the score focus on the what's being said about the title and if you still disagree, well thats your opinion. Don't worry all this really means is that Zipper Interactive is gonna nail this harder when MAG 2 hits the shelves, so consider this a dry run or Super-Beta testing. And Sorry for typing so much.

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Sonyslave33663d ago

MS owns psm3 don't trust them.

knightdarkbox3663d ago

mag in meta:


mass effect 2 in meta:



InfectedDK3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Mass Effect going to PS3 anyway, haven't you learned anything yet?
M.A.G not goin anywhere.. (;
Also ME2 is available for PC.. So what are you talking about..
M.A.G may not be perfect, but still a good enjoyable game :)

JeffGUNZ3663d ago

The only chance Mass Effect has of going to the PS3 is AFTER the trilogy is completed and released for pc/360. You PS3 fangirls are pathetic. Have you talked to someone from bioware or EA stating that it is 100% confirmed it will be on the PS3. Provide the link or shut your mouth.

Major_Tom3663d ago

You Xbox fanboys whine too much.

InfectedDK3662d ago

@ JeffGUNZ

Hahaha.. The more you whine and play tough the funnier..
Shut your own bot-mouth and don't you talk like that.


JeffGUNZ3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

I guess I should be a little nice, I mean the only games you PS3 ladies have to play are MAG (metacritic of 76; and White Knight Chronicles (Metacritic of 62; All the while, ME2 for the 360 is far superior and more enjoyable with a metacritic of 96;

Man, sad time to be a PS3 only user. What time are we all meeting at the theatre to watch heavy rain this week?

See what I did there? I used your logic and responded like you.

Infected, you have no proof to back up your claims, so again, shut your mouth and only open it when your boyfriend needs a quick bj.

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digger183663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

JeffGUNZ - How are PS3 fans pathetic in a PS3 thread? You Xbox fans are the most pathetic I have ever come across!

Everywhere I go, including Amazon, and here, you Xbox fanboys are attacking all that is Sony.

It's you lot that needs to grow up!!

The more Disagrees I get, the more it proves my point.

JeffGUNZ3662d ago

I will admit, I do not own a PS3, but my brother does and I am very familiar with it. Sure, it's a great system and I am not hating on it at all. By the way, read WHY I commented in the first place, it was about a PS3 user bringing up Mass Effect 2 in a PS3 only article. You see, that's a double standard to what you just wrote. I haven't played MAG yet, so I don't know how good it is, but I am eager to give it a go when I visit my brother next.

I just think it's absolutely ridiculous that when a lower review of anything below an 8 hits a PS3 exclusive all these delusional fanboys start attacking creditability.

This site is a joke, people are now saying IGN has no creditability because they scored ME2 higher and believed ME2 was an all around better game than UC2. So many people here think Sony needs to release 95+ rating games every game or else the world is a failure. Grow up people.

Perfect example; WHC was hyped by all the PS3 extremists on this site, always putting that game on the list of sony AAA titles of 2010, and look how poorly that game turned out. The people on this site are pathetic and oh so adorable at the same time.

Pennywise3663d ago

73% Gets front page and more comments than the 85% Review.

Go figure.

commodore643663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

even you will have to admit that most of the comments in the 73% review are disagreeing with the score, disagreeing with or downplaying PSM3, or outright damage controlling.

Thus your point is self-defeating, right?
Go figure.

pixelsword3662d ago

but they gave mag an A-, so it didn't even hit 500.

raztad3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Are you sure of that?

What is your level? gear? specialty? unlocked Domination? faction? come on I guess you played the game, or just talking out of your azz?

Tell us more about your experiences in MAG. I'm sure you have some, havent you?

EDIt: A bit more on topic:

""Enjoyable but intimidating" <==== NOOOBS. Sorry I needed to say it, the casual crow is starting to get on my nerves.


I was just asking out of curiosity :)


Dude something those 70% score dont tell you is that MAG is far from being AVERAGE. "Enjoyable but intimidating" doesnt ring a bell? MAG beats the crap out of those games you listed. EASILY, however its complexity makes it harder for pick-and-play players. If you havent played Domination you wouldnt know.

Pennywise3663d ago

LOL... Raz, you are supposed to feed him. Not grill him...

iistuii3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

to have a high rank or unlock every type of mission to have an opinion. It's not in the same league as MW2, BFBC2 (demo), K2, Counter-strike, or any other online shooter you care to talk about. It's just Average just as the official PS mag and every other review says, and i happen to agree with them. Ive given it a go and just think it's not up to much. Sorry if that upsets you, but average just comes to mind.

Pennywise3663d ago

iistuii, Are you a democrat? You just sidestepped the question completely.

So I take it you HAVEN'T played it. Good job commenting on something you have no idea about.

bjornbear3663d ago

he hasn't played the game, not even the beta, and doesn't even comprehend the complexity and time required to appreciate the game.


mint royale3663d ago

Sidestepping issues and facts seems like more of a right wing, conservite republican thing to me.

And good job raztad on commenting just on the caption. Did you actually read the article? Just curious ;)

iistuii3663d ago

I said i shouldn't have to rank up, or unlock everything to have an opinion. Of course Ive played it, look at my scores online, i just thought it wasn't very good. What is it with you fools on here. It's laughable really, if your happy with it, thats fine, but as the sales suggest im afraid its you thats in the minority. Most people, including the reviewers think its average and would rather wait for BBC2 or carry on with MW2.

Christopher3663d ago

I'm enjoying MAG. I can definitely see how some reviewers would be completely put off by the game depending on their faction of choice and the level of people they play against. One thing I'm hating about the game is how easy it is for AR and LMG users to get headshots on the run and from great distances. It just doesn't make sense considering how much longer it takes a sniper to set up a headshot as well as having to remain immobile for accuracy w/the scope.

raztad3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


To be honest nope :)

Thing is I own the game and I dont care about any particular score or review anymore. Is in there something worth reading?


You make a HUGE point about Heavy weapons being too precise at long range. Zipper needs to fix that.

What is your faction? if RAVEN we can clan up. PM if interested.

VileAndVicious3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

First of all it is very obvious you haven't played the game. So how can you you have an opinion about it? If you did you probably played like 2 suppression matches.

"But why should I have to actually play the game and unlock stuff? Thats crazy!" STFU your a joke. Really that is the dumbest statement Ive ever heard.

"Oh but I read dah review! And they told me I wouldn't like it!"

Well iistuii, didn't you get the memo? Since you seem to care so much about what another person tells you to think, other sites have given MAG excellent reviews 1up,Joystiq, Gamespot just to name a few.
Funny you forgot to mention that. But I suppose its still average right? Because average games get polarized/mixed reviews like that?

Go play the game you mindless drone. Then you'll finally have the right to pass judgment.

Oh and by the way YOU got it twisted BBC2 and CounterStrike aren't in the same league as MAG. Your precious BBC2(demo) is so horrendous I fell asleep while playin

I dont care. Go ahead and dissagree.

Pennywise3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

BBC2? lol what a joke. The graphics were horrible, the objects are OLD and unoriginal, the game size is small and boring compared to other games. I just don't see the appeal for BC2. I played the demo for over an hour trying to figure out wtf the big deal is. I played the beta and the demo and it feels like a cash in and not much of an improvement over the first BC.

MAG rocks. I really don't care what you guys think about a game you haven't played. Anyone I know that has played it, likes it. THAT is the review I care about.

Knghtz - lol.. no problem. Sorry just felt like Raz got sidestepped by a pro. Must be a politician!

Knghtz3663d ago

I just want to thank Pennywise for bringing politics into this equation in the most irrelevant manner possible.

siyrobbo3663d ago

and for assuming all N4G users are americans

ape0073663d ago

and generic as hell

but you know, in the end it's opinions

iistuii3663d ago

That is exactly what i mean. If your happy with it thats fine.I say it's average, and thats my opinion from what ive PLAYED. But i think you'll find when BBC2 comes out MAG will be forgotten very quickly. I guarantee that it'll sell millions more than MAG, not because it's a fix or people are blind or the reviewers are bias, but because it'll be more player friendly and fun.

sedx3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

if MAG was multi you fanboy's will be like game sucks
if bfbc2 was ps3 would be the best

raztad3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )


The same questions I asked iiusii are valid for you. I do agree it's about opinions but I want to know how far you guys went into the game.

COD is so well known for their noob friendliness and shallow (casual) gameplay that when you see someone playing Rambo everybody say is a COD-noob.

BTW, I'm noticing that the haters are hitting hard the disagree button on any opinion favorable to MAG.

VileAndVicious3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Again iistuii your missing the point I completly agree with you BBC2 will sell ALOT more than MAG. YOu forgot to mention...

1) MAG is an exclusive. BBC2 will be muiltiplat that gives it a huge atvantage. Not to mention there was hardly any marketing done for MAG.

2) Alot of reviewers are going to say that BBC2 is the best thing ever. It doesnt matter if its true or not, it never does. People such as yourself who dont want to think for themselves and flock to a game like mindless sheep as long as it gets a 9 or higher, will eat it up too. They will fail to mention that its almost the exact same thing as the first BBC. Does that mean that BBC1 or 2 are bad? No they arent. If you liked the first, youll surely like the 2nd. But they are seriously over hyped for those of us still pissed about MW2 and looking for a new FPS.

I found MAG, played it for longer than 5 minutes, loved it. I have no regrets about purchasing it. I dont care what it got. Because I (as well as other) seriously got a wake up call after playing the biggest dissapointment of last year CODMW2, which is seriously unbalanced glitchy as hell, laggy, ect. But still this game managed to get ALMOST perfect scores and sold EXTREMELY well. You guys can buy into the hype again if you want to, but not me.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^
Lol that is funny huh? Say anything positive about a GOOD game and they hit that damn dissagree button like 5 times.

Sm0k3y_Bac0n3662d ago

Wow, whats with all the BFBC hate. I disagree with the guy who said about BC1 and 2 being the same. The gameplay is similar but BC2 is a step up from the first (which i didn't enjoy.)I think the guy is also forgetting that maybe games like BF and COD4 etc get good scores because theyre good games. Unlike GTA and MW2 there isnt a lot of pressure for these games to get 95 on metacritic. I personally think BC2 will be the best thing since CoD 4 from the demo.

nycredude3662d ago


I am curious how much have you played the game. have you at least reached level 15 or something, or are you just another butthurt cod fantard who hates it cause you can't seem to own in it? Sounds like the latter. I hated the game at first but it gets so much better.

And I happen to think that if you can pick up a game and immediately give a decent review of it without leveling up or putting some time in first then the game fails, especially an online game.

I am going to say! This game rapes all other online games out!

iistuii3662d ago

I'm sorry, anyone who comes out with a statement that a game like MAG is better than counter-strike online is a fool. Counter-strike's been out over 10 years and still played by the PC community to this day.

ape0073662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )

"COD is so well known for their noob friendliness and shallow (casual) gameplay that when you see someone playing Rambo everybody say is a COD-noob"

omg, this is a wrong way to approach gaming, cod is acady, it's its style and it will not change, it's like saying forza\GT is for hardcore and nfs\burnout is for noobs

or god of war 3and mario galaxy for noobs because they have simple gameplay, right??

different style, different gameplay

raztad3662d ago (Edited 3662d ago )


Bro, I'm not saying COD sucks or anything in the lines, however when a review states "enjoyable but intimidating" you know MAG and COD are not in the same league.

They are aimed at different kind of gamers, pick-and-play-all-by-yourself- rambo-style or teamwork-or-nothing-tactical-a pproach. MAG has a quite deep command structure accesible for experienced players. Domination unlocks just when you are level 8 and you can be squad leader at 15.

Even if MAG is the most complex FPS available still people not that great at FPS can be really good in MAg just sticking to their team, not need for camping or glitches. They can be field support operative, medics or engineers.

N4BmpS3662d ago

Actually the game is above average because of what Zipper was going for, it's just that it's not spot on what they were going for; let's face it Zipper is Super-Beta testing this game so when MAG 2 comes out it's probably gonna blow everything out of the water, well except Killzone 3 or 4

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