WCW/NWO Revenge: Greatest Wrestling Game Ever

resumeplay writes: "Wrestling games have been an integral part of video gaming. They've just always been there. I remember feeling the breakthrough in WWF/WCW games back when Nitro was released on PC, and when World Tour came out on N64. After playing World Tour, I was still craving that little bit more. I wanted behind the scenes fights, I wanted trash talk, and I wanted more characters. Of course this may have been a lot ot expect in 1997, but in 1998 THQ must have thought the same thing when they released what is known to a lot of people as the best wrestling game of all time."

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brandynevils3200d ago

Wow, I loved this game back in the day.

mau643200d ago

Yeah I agree with Stephen on this one, it's still my favorite wrestling game I've played.

stoppre3200d ago

Yeah this def brought back some old memories.

mau643200d ago

tell me about it, the semi at the beginning was just hilarious.

smashly3200d ago

Wow, the memories of the N64... so great.

VenerableBmoney3200d ago

Ahh.. nostalgia creeps into my mind. Makes me want to play my 64- but wait- no HD? Oh no....