Heavy Rain review - 88% in PSM3

Thumbs up from mag as Quantic Dream delivers on its branching plot promise

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kingdavid3672d ago

Definitely more accurate than their ff13 review.

nix3672d ago

this game will average around 90%... points will be deducted for no multiplayer, no guns, no war theme etc...

and of course, not to forget Edge and its friends.

i tried the demo. it's a solid buy buy for me.

thereapersson3672d ago

You know it's gonna happen!

solidt123672d ago

I really liked the demo. It felt so futuristic/next gen. This game is a must buy if you have PS3 and want to play something very innovative for these times. It is more interactive than you would expect or what the review would want you to believe. There's a fight scene in the game and it was the most adrenaline pumping fighting mechanic I have ever scene. I love it.

bjornbear3672d ago

unique and bold new IP on a next gen console AND exclusive, and its getting 90+ scores =O i don't take reviews too seriously but this is simply surprising =D

day 1 before the reviews, day 1 after them =)

@ ankle-biters

aww look at them =( they are upset they can't get anything but shooters on their console of choice =( must get mighty boring if you ask me =) innovation in gaming FTW

(and that is INNOVATION in GAMING, not innovation in marketing like Natal or Arc)

zeeshan3672d ago

I expected this game to be good but never expected such high scores! Must buy!

PopEmUp3672d ago

I just finished Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy the other day, damn that game sure is hooked. Now I'm really looking forward to Heavy rain :)

Bungie3672d ago

great score

3 more days till i get my hands on it :)

SL1M DADDY3672d ago

I hope that these scores reflect the idea that this game is new and of some different game play than the average shooter or platformer. This is a game where you explore a deeper relationship with the characters and since it is new, I hope people embrace it and give something else a try. If you like it then great, if not then don't buy another one like it.

commodore643672d ago

Solid, solid, solid score!

I just don't know if my budget will stretch.

bacon133672d ago

S**t son! Between HR and Bioshock 2, Feb is looking up for quality games. This game will be such a great departure from the cry babies and glitchers in MW2, can't wait.

cayal3672d ago

Demo was incredible. I am getting this for sure.

ico923672d ago

These guys have pretty high standards so yeah its a good score.

PostApocalyptic3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I played the demo and I liked it a lot. I was skeptical on how good it would be since it seemed like a really slow paced game. I did like Indigo Prophecy which I gave an 8.5 rating. But Heavy Rain seems like it's going to be a bit higher. Much more in depth and very detailed.

Seems like it's going to be an 9.0 rated game from the looks at the early reviews. And I would agree since the demo was very immersive! Especially the FBI agent.

If you have already played the demo you might want to check out Phil's walkthrough. Be aware that Phil is a SMART ASS! He's not the most observant dude but he's very funny in his vids. You'll be surprised what he says about the demo at the end of the walkthrough since he has be known to VERY CRITICAL! (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)

Bereaver3672d ago


They gave Dante's inferno an 80%. Yeah, they're really brutal on scores.... /s

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THC CELL3672d ago

buy day one even if the game gets 1 out of 10

Michael-Jackson3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Inb4 Nogolis and his frienz to spin it.

88% is a great score.

You have PC game :-)

-MD-3672d ago

What does "You have PC game :-)" mean?

mcnablejr3672d ago

, got better reviews than heavy rain and isnt on the ps3 *laughs*

Obama3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

I know; It means something start with M and end with 2 is also on the pc. :)

Michael-Jackson3672d ago

Great score, I'm definitely buying this.

Corrwin3672d ago

8.8 is probably too high (but then I consider 6/10 good and anything above 9/10 to be a damned classic), but I have my Special Ed on preorder :D