BioShock 2 midnight launch events and last minute pre-order deals

Tonight several stores will be open after hours for the launch of BioShock 2. GameStop and Best Buy will be open to sell the anticipated game to the first players at the crack of February 9th. Here's also a rundown of some last-minute pre-order deals or bonus items to take advantage of before the launch of BioShock 2 tomorrow.

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interrergator3667d ago

yea but i rather go to toysrus there offering 10 gift card off and dantes is offering 30 gift card midnight launch would be fun but i wana save money heh .

DaTruth3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I'll never go to a midnight launch again! You lose twice the money; 1st when you purchase the game and 2nd when you miss work the next day! Although I usually skip work the next day when I get a good new game anyway!

I think a lesson will be learned here. The first game might have sold more to PS3 owners if it had launched day and date(know I would have bought it). But since that didn't happen a lot of PS3 owners didn't buy it(like me). Now they will also lose money for the second one's PS3 version(I also will not buy this one).

I think they will find they lost more than 50 million dollars from by delaying a whole installed base's game and denying the whole time they were bringing it to them! Bioshock 3 will also lose money!