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unchartedgoty3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

one game worth buying for the green machine better sell alot.

snaz273668d ago

well i saw the advert last night, and noticed 'NOT ACTUAL GAMEPLAY' I must say i laughed my arse off! Sony use actual gameplay footage, where as MS try to lie to people! same with forza 3 and halo, if its even upto u2 levels wouldnt they show that in the advert, now im not saying its a bad game, my point is MS are slimey! and people on here dont half chat some s**t lmao.

kingdavid3668d ago

360 owners buy good games, no matter what the genre.

Capdastaro3668d ago

I'm glad it's selling so well.

Since the first one hardly got a look in.

kingdavid3668d ago

First sold well over 2 mill.

Thats hardly bad at all.

120FPS3668d ago

The advert you are talking about, the only "not gameplay footage" is when it shows commander shepard talking to the audiance which is true, Shepard does not in any part of the game turn to the camera and start speaking to the player, the rest of the advert shows gameplay which says "game footage"

Nice try at a stealth troll

snaz273668d ago

as i dont have a 360, but come on they did it with forza and halo too, so you can see why id jump to the conclusion.. i dont troll mate. you ever seen me in a 360 only article?

snaz273668d ago

and if its the case 360 has its own new graphics king, beating gears, still its not supassing or even matching u2 is it.. id say that it got pretty close though.

kingdavid3668d ago

zzz graphics wars.

Thats open zone stuff.

snaz273668d ago

i agree using words such ar troll etc is open zone stuff, but there nothing wrong in DEBATING any aspect of games, aslong as its done with respect, i mean thats why were here anyway isnt it?

kingdavid3667d ago

We are here to talk about sales. Not to talk about how the graphics match up against UC2.

snaz273667d ago

i see, i see. sorry but i find sales more boring than graphics, the sales dont effect the game in hand at all! You cant play sales afterall, infact i think sales talk is more befitting the open zone than graphics talk lol.. But hey to each there own i guess, you keep totting up those numbers bud.

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