FIFA 11 won't drop the ball - EA

CVG: Peter Moore says his team are too 'paranoid' to let standards drop

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snaz273667d ago

but i think an annua football game is such a con! surely they could just patch the transfers, and add different modes and such through dlc, hell even charge for the transfer info, kinda like 5 quid to update the game.. release a whole new fifa when there are significant strides in graphics! and gameplay.

Wh15ky3667d ago

I love football games and I do buy the new release every year, either FIFA or PES, whichever one is on top of it's game at the time.
However, I do agree with you that there is no need to release a new version every year. The changes implemented don't justify a whole new game. In this day and age of DLC, it seems a logical step to simply offer upgrades for the titles and release a full version every 3 years or so.
There is also the upcoming FIFA World Cup game due for release at the end of April, which I find ridiculous and I won't be buying, surely it should be offered as DLC for FIFA 10, they could probably sell it for as much as £10-£15 and it would still sell like hot cakes.

Hanif-8763667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

In FIFA 11 they really need to fix the goalkeepers any chipped shots goes past them in FIFA 10 and scores... the goalkeepers positioning is pretty poor despite the difficulty :-(
Thats truly my only problem with the game and its one that truly breaks it. The Goalkeeper just automatically just rushes out every FIFA 11 let us have that option with Triangle or whatever buttons they assign for the Goalkeepers charge to close down the shot and are usual graphics update :-)

Wh15ky3667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

I agree that it is far too easy to score lob shots but I think it's only partly due to the fault of the keeper. The keeper does seem to come off his line rather early and when you haven't pressed triangle for him to do so, but in reality when an attacker is through on goal with only the keeper to beat that is what the keeper will always do.
The change they seem to have made for FIFA 10 is the sensitivity of the attackers lob shot. When you tried to lob the keeper in other releases it was alot harder to get the power of the lob correct and quite often the attacker would sky the ball and it would end up in the crowd.
In my opinion that's the only fix they have to make, increase the sensitivity of the lob shot to make it more difficult.

dazzalfc3667d ago

Sorry, but the majority of us on the Fifa forums are still waiting for the manager mode to be fixed, given it has more bugs than my garden.

Talk about standards when you've created a more 'bug free' game EA