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Diselage4134d ago

Looks like that is going to be huge sitting in a living room some where, to play rock band you're actually going to have a band set up in the corner of your room.

DrPirate4134d ago

I must admit, those peripherals are sexy.

Diselage4134d ago

I just hate to think of what the whole set will cost, 300? 400? This could end up being a very expensive game.

SmokeyMcBear4134d ago

didnt they already show the price, 200 bucks for everything right?

Adamalicious4134d ago

Yeah, well according to Gamestop, it's $199 for the game, 1 Guitar Controller, 1 Mic, and 1 Drum Controller. If you want another guitar (I know I do) it's $59.99 on PS3 and $79.99 on the 360.

BlackIceJoe4134d ago (Edited 4134d ago )

I am happy to see the Drums do not look that big. The Drums I have in my room take up a lot of space. I see no cymbals though. So I wonder what you use instead of using them. I wonder if the foot pedal will act as if you are pressing the cymbals down or if it will be for beating the back of the drums instead. That all being said Rock Band looks like it is coming along great. Plus the 200 dollar price of Rock Band is cheaper then I payed for my set of drums. So I can't wait to try out this game.

Adamalicious4134d ago

I imagine the pads will double as cymbals and toms etc. the pedal will probably always be the kick, but the others will probably change depending on the song/section. I would guess that the far left will be the snare a lot and the next over the hat a lot. Notice that it has 5 triggers just like the guitar so it'll probably work just like GH where one fret-button can mean many different notes: one pad can be several different drums etc. - like if it has Queens of the Stone Age's "Little Sister" one of them is gonna have to be a Jam Block (i think that's what it's called?)

Diselage4134d ago

There also could be buttons some where to do the job as well.

biomajor094134d ago

I wonder if the drums come with drums sticks? I would like to think so, because I don't play the drums but I sure would use the rock band drums.

Diselage4134d ago

If it doesn't i would be extremely annoyed, how else do you play drums? with your hands. That would really take you out of the game. A pair of cheapo drumstick is nothing compared to the 50 or so bucks they'll probably be charging.

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