Critical Gamer: Cyclopean: Iron Tower Studio interview

Critical Gamer writes: We knew not how we came to be in that place. By degrees, our sensibilities returned; and we were faced with such horror, our minds could barely expand sufficient to contain it.

I have the blessed ambiguity of my memory to thank for the retention of my sensibilities, allowing me to write these words down. All I remember is that there was something known only as Scott, unearthed from the bowels of Iron Tower Studio; and it was determined to impart to us knowledge of its Lovecraftian RPG Cyclopean.

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Jim Crikey3663d ago

The guy's obviously passionate about the source material. This has the potential to be a fantastic game.

scruffy_bear3663d ago

Yeah the game sounds great

Jockie3663d ago

I like that you can join a sinister cult. Sounds like there will be a lot of choices available to the player.