Grumpy Gurevitz: How Long

Grumpy Gurevitz writes: How many hours a week do you put into gaming, and when doing so for how long is each period of gaming? I haven't seen any stats, but I bet the average reader of this wonderful site is 20+ and so is either in or about to enter the world of work, relationships and possibly kids. I wake up at 5.30/6am, go to work and get back between 8-10pm everyday. Often I work a day on the weekend too.

When I was between 12-18 years old, blowing a whole weekend playing games was easy. Each session would last between 2-6 hours and I could rip through games in no time. When I got a game I expected to flog it to death and play till my fingers were numb! Heck I was able to keep multiple Civilisation sessions going whilst playing other titles on my Amiga and PS1!

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Jim Crikey3662d ago

It's a case of life catching up with you. As a kid, I could put well over a dozen hours a week into gaming no trouble at all; now I have a family of my own and a full time job.

I still play a lot really; but now it's usually late at night.

scruffy_bear3662d ago

Yeah working drains all my free time

Cubes3662d ago

I'm a night owl as well. By the time I've had dinner and the wife's watched the soaps it's nigh on 10pm. I probably get around 2 hours or so per night, longer at weekends. It can be a struggle to finish games that I've bought, and I try and balance multiplayer sessions of MW2 with finishing single player games.

Jockie3662d ago

I have respect for anyone who manages to play multiple games of Civ at once. I've tried it, but my brain tends to start oozing out of my ears, somewhere around the 16th century.

LesThom3661d ago

No more are the days (nights) of marathon gameplay; modern life is exhausting; I want more playtime.