New Sony patents could be used for a Wii-like control interface

Japanese website Tech-On is reporting that a new patent filed by Sony Computer Entertainment could potentially be used for a Wii-like control interface on the PlayStation 3.

A typically confusing diagram attached to the patent seems to suggest that the device allows a game system to view a pen-like controller on a 2-dimensional camera image, and map its position in 3D space. Essentially, this means the camera could be used for Wii-like motion-sensing gameplay.

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Killswitch6275d ago

See this what everyone is talking about come up with your own shytt please....


really. its called INNOVATION sony. god damn, don't they have anything new and unique on the PS3? (and no, betaray doesn't count)

shoota336275d ago (Edited 6275d ago )

Oh blu ray doesnt count neither does cell right? or rsx?. you're a funny guy,the only thing innovative ms created was xbug live.Your just mad that the wii third party titles could be playable on ps3 thus making buying a wii uselless unless you want to play first party titles.


gametime, there is no way they will just port over wii games using wii controls for a PS3 game. wii has infinately more control and features for this type of technology. this relies on a add-on, meaning developer support for this will be limited at best. the wii's controller come with every wii console, all wii games will support it.

shoota336275d ago

Are you a game developer? No you are just some loser with no job and money and board without an xbox 360 to masterbate to.Cell and rsx are doing and are going to be doing things xbox 1.5 cant do dont hate.ps3 is more powerful i know it hurts you xbots but face it.



its so powerful that the launch games look like N64 titles. its so powerful the development kits overheated and broke. its so powerful that all the analysts say its going to fail. its so powerful that the cell is going to implemented in fridges. its so powerful that IT CANT RUN EA GAMES PROPERLY!

shoota336275d ago

All you stated was rumer after rumer which were all proven faulse.And when do anylist control which console wins i thought people dicide that and those anylist that were saying ps3 is going to fail work for MS.i could be an anylist for crying out loud.Get a life a job or something becasuse you are becoming an annoyance go to the xbot section for once post in your own damn news.

THELANDSOFSAND6275d ago (Edited 6275d ago )

they aren't rumors. Especially the EA one.

i'm sorry if reality checks upset you.

and if you read the 360 side, you would see my comments over there too. silly.

shoota336275d ago

Everyone is not used to the cell thats why ea is having problems with it.the rest of the bs you just said where all rumers and proven faulse already.Im sorry if ps3 being more powerful than xbox 1.5 upsets you get over it.

BOOSTIN6275d ago (Edited 6275d ago )

first of all rumor is spelled R-U-M-O-R. and false is spelled F-A-L-S-E. are you like 10 years old? if so then your opinion doesnt count anyway because you're too stupid to know what the hell is going on if you can't even spell simple words.

shoota336275d ago

F@g boy i rush when i tpye thats why i spell words wrong sometimes.This is not english class asshole.


"Everyone is not used to the cell thats why ea is having problems with it."

EA is a HUGE developer. if they can't make a game run well on the PS3, how do you think smaller developers are feeling?

shoota336275d ago

Every else seems to be doing fine with the ps3's hardware.Most ea games suck anyway.


well the PS3 EA games will definately suck.

personally i will be enjoying NFS carbon the way it was supposed to run.

Bill Gates6275d ago

Sony has had this patent for a very long time look it up you dipsh!t. And don't dare ask me for a link, do your own research.

The idea is "moving forward" regardless of how similar the idea is to Nintendo's. It is still an inovative feature that SONY will have on the PS3 wich is more than I can say for M$.

You're a complete fool if you think that games will continue to play the same way as they have in the past you moron. The times are changing, games are changing, features are changing.

If your dumb logic was right we wouldn't have different companies doing similar things to give consumers a choice. MY GOD SOME OF YOU ARE REALLY STUPID. Go educate yourself.

I won't say "get a life"....instead go kill yourself.


Sony are trying to copy wii with this move, and its a pale imitation. This is not moving on, this is emulating competition. Sony have done nothing new or exciting, except try to force fanboys like you to adopt their new disc format. gaming is changing, and sony are being left in the dust.

BOOSTIN6275d ago

well maybe you would look less stupid if you slowed your typing down just a hair so you type in the english language. it makes you look less stupid anyway. and if you think ps3 is more powerful. i bet if a japanese guy in a suit walked up to you and said godzilla is coming youd believe him. sony is trying to make money off blu ray, not make the best console. PWNED!!

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Karibu6275d ago

They copied no one. Remember the duck demo where they used those glasses to take water and stuff??

bizzy126275d ago

wtf they still stilling technology ihave an xbox 360 and if i want wii like function why would i spend 600 dollars to do so when i can get the real one and be happy and its gonna be done rigth so much cheaper

soccerstar6275d ago (Edited 6275d ago )

what is "still stilling" mean? and the ps3 is going to be a good console just like the 360(which i own) and wii why do u guys act like a bunch of 2 year olds fighting over what is better the ps3 has the best technology in it every1 knows that and once developers can learn how to harness that power it will look just like it did at e3 2005. The same thing happened with the ps2 look up the demo videos from it and a lot of the games now look better than the demos


um, that would be presuming that PS3 has the price, market share and developer support of the PS2. which it doesn't.

soccerstar6275d ago

maybe not now but most likly will eventually and why do u post everything twice

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achira6275d ago

the ps3 will rock !!!! i cant wait. pooor jaleous ms fanboys.

BOOSTIN6275d ago

KEEP DREAMIN!! you wonder why there are so many more 360 fans on here? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS A POS 600$ BLU RAY PLAYER! PWNED!

mikeeno76275d ago

Soccerstar, if anything the PS3 will do better than the 360, it will be physics processor wise, not on the graphics front. The 360 has unified shader pipelines for graphics. However PS3 has 550mhz processor compared to the 360 500mhz so physics are gonna be FANTASTIC .

BOOSTIN6275d ago

thats not much of a difference at all if you ask me. but what IS a HUGE difference is the amount of bandwith the 360 has over ps3. 360 has 5 times the bandwith of the ps3. yes thats right kids 5 times more!


the developers (you know, the ones who MAKE the games) are having trouble with making games run well on the PS3. raw hardware is nothing without software and coding, and that is where MS is leading.