Could the iPad Save Publishing? No, but… well Maybe

No Dpad:

With the introduction of the iPad a couple of weeks ago, the oracle himself, Steve Jobs, stated that the device was the single most important thing he's ever done because it could single-handedly save the publishing industry. Jobs may be reaching for the stars with this one if he expect this new device to be much more than a Kindle/iTouch hybrid. If the current business models are followed, there's no way the iPad will reach the critical mass acceptance unless…

Before going further, let's consider the facts: the iPad is really an Apple entry device designed to take on the Kindle as a reading machine. Although the iPod has enjoyed huge success, it's profitability stems not from the device itself but from it being a gateway drug of sorts into the entire Mac world. How profitable would these little devices be if they didn't lead consumers to buy music, games, and apps through Apple's own iTunes? Also consider how many more people own a Mac computer now because they were introduced to the Apple brand through the quirky iPod.

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