My360: Mass Effect 2 Review

My360 writes: "Mass Effect was a RPG cinematic masterpiece. It was the perfect title to introduce hardcore gamers to the new generation back in 2007. While it had its fair share of technical issues, BioWare's space opera will go down as one of the finest RPG's of all time. It had depth, challenge, scope and emotion. And yet, while it was such an amazing experience, its sequel in Mass Effect 2 is a superior game. It outdoes its predecessor in almost every way, distancing itself from the glitches that often rendered the first game unplayable, while expanding on the immersive RPG elements many thought couldn't be toped. Mass Effect 2 is an early candidate for GOTY, and here's why."

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MarkusMB3666d ago

I've never checked this game out. I should give it a try, but im saving for other games at the moment.