Thunderbolt: The Value of Nostalgia

Thunderbolt writes: "When we praise an older game, the impulse to qualify whatever statement we're making is often strong. Instead of leaving our assessment to be, it's tempting to preclude it with "perhaps this is just the nostalgia talking" or follow on with something regarding "rose-tinted specs". Sometimes, yes, nostalgia can influence and inform our opinions on particular games and mean we hold them in higher regard than we perhaps would if released today. Would you pay £30 or $60 for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in 2010 like you did over a decade ago? Probably not. Sitting on a shelf next to Bayonetta, Dragon Age and Modern Warfare 2 it'd look positively archaic. Do I still call it my favourite game of all time? Of course."

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