CwG: What Red Steel 2 should keep from the original Red Steel: Part 2

Coffee with Games has produced another video, showing what Red Steel 2 should keep and improve upon from the original Red Steel.
Coffee with Games says, "Destructible objects help bring me into a FPS game setting. Seeing damage happen to objects from stray bullets during gun battles can be a helpful reminder that not all "cover" in the game is safe. I think it also makes the game a little more "real"."

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readiandnot3667d ago

The original RS was a very good game. The local multiplayer was a nice addition to the single player campaign.

CoffeewithChess3667d ago

I've only played the mult-player once. We ran around and had fun just goofing off in the level. I thought the level we played was pretty well designed though.

statfreak3667d ago

I'm disappointed Red Steel 2 doesn't have multiplayer of some sort.

hardcorez3666d ago

If the single-player has replay value, enough to warrant several play-throughs, I don't mind a lack of multi-player.

CoffeewithChess3666d ago

Yea, I agree with you both actually. I've been hoping that somehow the developers of Red Steel 2 kept the multi-player top secret the whole time. I guess if they did, we could still learn about it, though they have said on numerous occasions they wanted to focus solely on the single player campaign.