EA Makes Games "People Don't Want" Says Pachter

EA's been going through some rough times lately, although the publishing giant has seen games like Mass Effect 2 perform very well, its overall health is in question, with company stock taking a deep, and investors losing even more confidence in the giant. So what's the problem? Well according to Michael Patcher, EA makes games "people don't want".

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alphakennybody3663d ago

And patch make BS claims that "people don't want" says gamers

Digitaldude3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

and Pachter says things no-one cares about.

buckethead_9113663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Here is something that Pachter REALLY needs:

darkmurder3663d ago

"I make dumb comments and somehow get paid for this".

TheDeadMetalhead3663d ago

Dammit, I'm sick of seeing an article with part of a crazy title on it, only to click it and find out that it has "says Pachter" at the end. It's irritating! >.<

StanLee3663d ago

If you make great games, they will find an audience but the games haven't been great. Saboteur, Army of Two: The 40th Day and Dante's Inferno are all mediocre. I'm sure Battlefield Bad Company 2 will find an audience, just as Mass Effect 2 has because they are great games.

xTruthx3662d ago

lol agreed with darkmurder

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mikeslemonade3663d ago

I think EA has been doing a great job in general for the past 2 years. Mirrors Edge is one of my favorite games.

kaveti66163663d ago

How so? It was a multiplatform game. :/

peowpeow3663d ago

You play multiplatform games? I didn't get that impression here lols

"Nope not interested because it's multiplatform. If it were PS3 exclusive i'd play it."

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raztad3663d ago

PAtcher is (sadly, very sadly) on something. EA has been pushing new IPs, innovative franchises. ME, DS, AoT, etc. AoT was flawed but still an interesting concept, however Dead Space is awesome but still sold just a few copies, the same happened with ME. The final outcome is EA watering down DS to reach a broader (ie casual crow), MoH a COd wannabe and so on.

sukru3663d ago

You're correct, Patcher was mostly right. If you listened to the actual conversation (not this controversial hit magnet quote), Patcher basically says EA took some risks, however they did not turn out to be profitable.

They also specifically mention that last year was good for us gamers (too many good experiments), but bad for investors. Unfortunately it's the investors who has the last say.

DelbertGrady3663d ago

I think BF: BC 2 will have a great chance to sell tons. People seem much more interested in it than in the first game, and it comes out at a perfect time considering many will be done with COD4 and want for something new.

Medal of Honor was out on the PS1/PC long before Call of Duty even existed. It has had some really good and some really bad games. I think the new game looks promising though, even if they haven't shown much yet.

dragonelite3663d ago

Atleast someone that understood what pachters said about EA.
As a analyst for a stockmarket he is right.
He even said it himself this situation is good for gamers but bad for investors because of the niche title you dont have the profit guarantee of say like a call of duty.

DiLeCtioN3663d ago

So the likes of Mass Effect/2 Fifa and Mirrors Edge like someone mentioned before are crap games i suppose...

IdleLeeSiuLung3663d ago


But as the article suggest, EA are making a lot of niche games and that isn't helping an ailing company trying to rebound! Doesn't exactly strike confidence to stockholders does it?

EA took a lot of risks with niche IPs. However, I think Dead Space will be a great new IP which I think apeals to a wider audience than Mirror's Edge or Brutal Legend.

Mass Effect 2 is already an amazing game, with great sales I'm sure....


this is the problem,

they are not crap games, being crap has nothing to do with it.
but has many fans like to point out quality does not always equal quantity.

EA has pushed out some great games in recent times. 2008 was the first year that I bought 2 EA games since forever. I mean I never use to touch EA's stuff. Then came Mirrors edge and Dead Space. two fantastic games. But for some reason those games didn't sell as well as they should have.

Personally If I had known, I would have bought 3 or 4 copies of dead space instead of wasting my money on gears 2, resistance 2, farcry 2 and fable. none of those games impressed me half as much as dead space did.

I for one am really, Really happy with the direction the "new" EA is going in. but if the investors are not ( and i can understand why ) I fear this new direction wont last long. I hope the great games they make do get more support from consumers.

OmegaSlayer3663d ago

I didn't like Mirror's Edge but it was surely fresh and innovative, I'm not saying that the game was bad, I only find it frustrating for my skills and my personal taste.
Dead Space, on the other side was a brilliant masterpiece, but reviews rated it way too low.
I like the way EA is managing business, maybe it's the independent software house that I prefer now, along with Take2, not only for the games, but for the willing to push the boundaries.

Still Patch is right, people want ME on PS3 but EA doesn't make it.
The man has a good overall point, but I really think that with the crisis and the high price point, people unfortunately prefer solid franchises to fresh and brilliant ideas.
Then, the idea of releasing Maddens, Fifas, etc... every year is good money wise but completely lame.
I for one, buy a sport franchise every other year, since buying every year is stupid imho.

belal3663d ago

did ME,Dead space and mirrors edge sell well?

no... but still all three are great games, i even liked dantes inferno ( although GOW3 will rape it).

Charmers3663d ago

Erm ME did sell very well, I remember it sold close to 1 million in 3 weeks. I think it went on to sell well over 2 million copies which isn't bad for a new IP.

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