The Loop: Can Sony Save PS3?

Interview and discussion about the state of PS3 sales and acceptance.

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drtysouf214138d ago

the biggest thing i agree about is waiting to see how things are after the holidays. Its still to early to count the PS3 out and we all know that fall is when the big games will start to hit.

Diselage4138d ago

After seeing their "christmas plans" i'm still not convinced this will be a happy new year for PS3, may have to wait till christmas 08 for their day to arrive.

witchking4138d ago

I was expecting to see something earth-shattering, but all we got was the same ole "wait til the games come out" rehash, with all the same games listed. This is how they're going to win back the market at Christmas, with R&C? And I saw Jak & Daxter quoted, but Naughty Dog is working on Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. I get the feeling Sony doesn't even know what they're saying.

Hello? Wanna save your Christmas season? REDUCE... THE... PRICE!!!

D3acon4138d ago

Sony doesn't need saving, they are right were they need to be. There are some things that need improvement; PSN Store could be updated more regularly with previews of upcoming games, and Sony's marketing campaign is kinda weak in the states.

Saying the psp is outselling the ps3 is true but crazy, they just drop the thing like $30 so its going to sell more. Sony could use some more 1st title games, but they are on the way. I keep saying this "where was the xbox 360 at this stage?" Most of the cross platform games were made for the 360 over the ps3 with good reason, it was easy to use. However, things are changing and the ps3 is starting to get development specifically for itself and thats going to be a major factor. By this holiday season ps3s are going to be flying off the shelf, you can believe that.

cartman3134138d ago

God, I swear this is like the 100th news article I have read within the last week or two that said "Can Sony Save the PS3?".

First off, Sony does not need to be saved. There is nothing wrong with the system. It may lack video games, but we all know they are coming.

Also, I didn't watch the video. I'm sure it's filled with the same BS from all the other articles that share the same title.

THE_JUDGE4138d ago

It's not even one years old for f*** sake! STOP POSTING THIS GARBAGE!!

ash_divine4138d ago

you are very correct, the ps3 does not need saving(at least not yet)
people really do blow these kinds of things out of porportion.
Besides, I think I read that the Ps2 was in the same position when it first launched.

Monchichi0254138d ago

Stop crying that it doesn’t need to be saved because it def. does!!!! If it didn’t we wouldn’t see so many of these articles from every media outlet out there! Just the fact we are talking about this is proof it needs saving!
I’m sorry but I’m gonna believe major media outlets and journalist a lot more then your biased opinions.

And don’t give me that, “it’s sold as many as 360 and PS2” because you know that’s deceiving. Only reason was because those systems could not keep up with demand while the PS3 has been in supply but no demand since December.

Face it, your overpriced Blu-Ray player is in T-R-O-U-B-L-E!!!!! 62K units per month and slipping!!!

DrunKao4138d ago

"62K units per month and slipping!!!"

Where, when? Are you talking about Japan?

Monchichi0254138d ago

I'm talking about U.S. Sales. Japan's are even worse. Europe is only a bit highter because it was released later so naturally the numbers are higher since the hardcore market has not been saturated.

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I_killed_TheMart4138d ago

"This is living?, Nope..This is the loop" ...<--Fan-friggin-tastic!

solidt124138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I don't see a problem. If you look at the upcoming releases from here on out the game drought is over. There is at least one game coming out every week from here on out starting next week so why complain. G4 is very very Biased toward the Xbox360 and to be honest with you I believe most people in the media in the US wants the PS3 to fail in the US. It could be selling better but it will from here on out. ALL 360's will eventually FRY and that only leaves SONY and NINTENDO so of course they will sell more consoles.

gunnar29064138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

I guess one day we will get an article titled
"Microsoft is the saviour of PS3. Bill Gates bought the patent for PS3 clone manufacture and named it XBox NT!"
Then we will all become xbots and will play tons of thrashy games and a Gears of War sequel releasing once per year =)

I guess it is the only way to end up the consoles war. But till this they gonna comment every PS3 lil step towards bashing it with tons of perverted facts, misinformation and biased analyses.

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