BioShock 2 Dev Team: Getting Closer to Little Sisters and Big Daddies

With BioShock 2 just days away, the staff of Spawn Kill thrilled when given the opportunity to participate in a conference call with various devs involved in making this return to Rapture the very best it can be. Among the most interesting information passed on to us were bits and pieces surrounding the Big Daddy and Little Sister relationships prevalent throughout both games. You may already be familiar with the mythos of Subject Delta or the abilities of the Little Sisters you can benefit from in the upcoming sequel, but the questions answered presented an entertaining glimpse into the mythos of this bizarre pairing.

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tigresa4279d ago

It'll be interesting to play through the eyes of a Big Papi.

Snarkasaur4279d ago

I've always felt I was a big daddy at heart anyway, despite my hatred of children.

Blow Out Your Brains4279d ago

damn I can't wait for this game tomorrow night