Madden NFL simulation correctly predicts Super Bowl winner again

From Gaming Target: "The Saints went marching down the field and EA Sports' annual Madden NFL simulation went six for seven in predicting the Super Bowl winner."

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ChozenWoan5276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

Getting at the Doritos and the Momma...
... not so easy.

But seriously, I miss the Bud Bowl commercials.

Solidus187-SCMilk5276d ago

I think they really deserved the win after their great season. Plus I love to see the colts loose.

JhawkFootball065276d ago

Brett Farve commercial was easily the funniest one

mikeslemonade5276d ago

Me too I just love it when the favorite loses. Also EA simulations are real good for predicting.

nbsmatambo5276d ago

the Doritos commercials were epic!

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Zolla8485276d ago

Saints showed them how we get crunk!!!

Aclay5276d ago

I was rooting for the Colts the entire time, but honestly this is one of the first Superbowls in several years where I was would've been happy to see either team win. With everything the city of New Orleans has been through with Hurricane Katrina, it was well deserved...Congrats Saints!

LordMarius5276d ago

lol, the game was rigged just so New Orleans could get an economic boost with Mardi Gras and all
Why did they take Manning out of the game? It makes no sense.

Jack-Pyro5276d ago

Be a sore loser. Two great teams came to play, they both played great, The Saints made a few ballsy, yet effective plays that helped them come out on top.

The Colts could come back next year and win it......maybe.......

LordMarius5276d ago

I wasn't even rooting for any of them, so how can I be a sore loser.
I'm just calling it as it is

Jack-Pyro5276d ago

I gotta tell you man, when you claim the game of being rigged in the winning teams favor, it makes you sound like a butthurt fan.

Sorry bout that.

DaReapa5276d ago

I felt the exact same way. I was perfectly fine with whoever won - I was just rooting for the Colts more.

Solidus187-SCMilk5276d ago (Edited 5276d ago )

as Payton Manning PLAYED THE ENTIRE game. He threw the interception that cemented the win for the saints. Too many short passes over the middle for the colts.

I dont see how you think that they took manning out unless your like my grandma and asks why manning is out of the game while the saints were on offense.

Lemmiwinks5276d ago

so Payton manning did try the strategy that worked against the bears at superbowl 41 i guess the saints were wise to his short up the middle passes....i dont follow football either but i figured payton manning was going to get the colts the W, but i guess he didnt perform to his best abilitys..it happends.i only follow ufc so...

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Gamer7l5276d ago

....but as usual, the 360 had timed exclusivity, so the PS3 is late to the party...again. ;)

KingJFS5275d ago

This is EA's official Super Bowl simulation (for which they used the Xbox 360 version). The article you linked to was for IGN's simulation, which didn't specify what platform they used.