E3 07:Ten Crazy Yet Possible Announcements Reports:

The speculation mounts as E3 nears. Even though the event is a mere shadow of its former self, we game enthusiasts still manage to conjure up surprisingly high expectations. Here are our top ten wishes for the upcoming E3. While they may be outlandish, we made sure to keep them somewhere in the realm of possibility.

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solidt124139d ago

Personally I would like to see KILLZONE playable and be better than expected, but it probably would be over shadowed if EPIC even just showed a good video of GEARS 2. No one would expect to see it at E3. Also if Metel Gear 4 is Playable I would $hit myself.

drtysouf214139d ago

I really can't wait for E3. Anyone else watching E3 07 Live on G4tv?

ErcsYou4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

yes, i was looking for a live E3 broad cast and i dont want to pay ign any more money. is G4tv showing this on tv or on their website?

edit @ solidt12 .....i think epic will be showing of unreal tournament 3 , its a little soon for a sequel to gears....we wont see resistance 2 either. what i really want is a psp with L2 and r2 and another analog...i will become my glorified ps3 controller

drtysouf214139d ago

On Tv. I watched last years it was really good they have lots of coverage and exclusive interviews and all types of things.

ErcsYou4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago ) their.... july 12-13

DrunKao4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

Bringing It Home baby!!! I hope we get plenty of demos trailers and walkthroughs in a timely fashion over Xbox Live.

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Mr_Kuwabara4139d ago

Thank God, I'm tired of seeing that.

coolmatrix4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Shockwaves were sent throughout the gaming industry when Sony announced the new pricing for the Playstation 3 console.

The often marketed approach "that multi-platform is the way forward" has given some gamers the false impression that unless a PS2 franchise appears on the Xbox 360 that it is NOT going to reach critical mass and thus increase sales and profits for the developer and publisher.

However, multiple Xbox360 games appear to be EXCLUSIVE to that console while the same developers tout their "multi-platform" marketing scheme.

As a business person it makes you wonder what dollars and deals are being done in he backroom to poach money generating PS2 franchises to the XBox camp (GTA IV - $50 Million).


So far, no Xbox360 best sellers will appear in the PS3 arena by these same developers. Do you smell cynicism?

360 games ported to the PS3 is nothing more than "a money making scheme" that so far has produced nothing sort of mediocrity in terms on sales. In the coming months there will be many changes in management at some of these outfits. Some will not survive.

Marketing has proven that many consumers will react to the "bandwagon approach." How long will that last is only a matter of time.

That was until the PS3 $299.99 retail price.

With the PS3 at $299.99 Sony effectively demolished the competition before they even had time to react.

Gamers around the world were sent into a frenzy as retailers everywhere had to respond to the feverish demand for the PS3 even greater than at launch.

Resistance and Motorstorm franchises both 1st party titles utilizing the supercomputer Cell and BluRay effectively showcased to new owners the beginning of years of entertainment value for their initial investment.

The Wii at $249.99 no longer was a bargain that it once was. Sales came to a screeching halt as buyers rejoiced in Sony's bold move to make their favorite console affordable to the masses. Lowering the Wii price too close to the DS Lite made no difference!

The Xbox360 demise was even more breathtaking. With the PS3 undercutting the Core, Premium and Elite models which has no high definition DVD standard, buyers ignored the 360 enmass.

Even if MS tried to discontinue the Core and Premium, the Elite HD DVD add-on is $199.99 plus the price of the Elite was more expensive than the PS3.

HD DVD suffered tremendously since no one cared to much about the 360. (Blockbuster announcement)

Additionly HD DVD movie players faltered as well since the PS3 had a built-in next generation DVD player standard and buyers where stunned onced they experienced their first BluRay movie on the PS3.

The one title that push the PS3 seemingly into every home was LittleBigPlanet.

Once the title was released the developers were smart enough to create Plush Toys for children and collectibles for adults.

They spun off LBP into a kids learning software title for the PS3 that taught the alphabet, spelling and math.

The cute characters became the next Elmo and Barney phenomenon!

Sony PS3 captured the imagination of music players, karoke singers, next-gen gamers, researchers aka Folding at Home, community fans with Home, avid movie buffs and children with LittleBigPlanet bringing families a true family entertainment experience.

With Blu-Ray players seeing a 50% drop from $999.99 to 499.99 the same goes for the PS3.

$299.99 was the SWEET SPOT for the console. Sony will leave the price at $299.99 until 2010.

Stroke of genius!

sak5004139d ago

What miracle will happen when its price will be dropped to $300? suddenly it will have AAA titles on shelves? Its cheap plastic 10yr old technology controllers will suddenly start to rumble? Its online service will become 10x that of xblive? Its mem will expand to 1gb and games will start looking better than 360s? Its size will shrink?

I for one will not buy it till it has some games out which really look and play better than an almost a year old 360 game Gears and its contollers hv rumble in it, its online fuctionality is atleast half of xblive and the price is #$200.

_insane_cobra4139d ago

Ah, that's so sweet...

But it'll hurt a lot less if you wake up now.

Dlacy13g4139d ago

Day dream often do you? $299 for the PS3...this E3? You really are a day dreamer. You will be lucky to see $399 by the holiday's.

codeazrael4138d ago

You realized that those amazing graphics that you were looking at, thinking they were cgi from ps3 games coming out in 2010 were actually gameplay graphics from Gears of war..........a first year 360 title!

In the words of Rick James..........."Cocaine' s a hell of a drug!"

Lex Luthor4138d ago

Delusional Fool.
Wake Up.

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Sully9074139d ago

I would jump all over a redesigned psp! I've been waiting for a reason to get one.

erosevaporator4139d ago

That psp in the article looked like a sega genesis controller wit a psp skin...LOL, it was quite comical. I would DEFINITELY love a redesigned psp.

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