Final Fantasy X: A Flawed Masterpiece

In such a story-driven game, dialogue must be presented well for the player to become invested in the story. This is where Final Fantasy X falls flat on it's face, sometimes getting up, only to fall again. The English voice acting is hit and miss, and when it misses, it REALLY misses (specifically the laughing scene, yeah you all know what I'm talking about if you've played it). This, coupled with characters' talking animations synced to Japanese words, leads to a sometimes painful experience watching the characters interact. Also, it is obvious that the dialogue was not recorded all together, but instead in pieces, leading to some conversations sounding very awkward.

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SL1M DADDY3664d ago

I absolutely loved FFI through FFX even if FFVIII was not the best game of the bunch. They just seemed like games made for me. Then I made the big mistake of buying FFX2 and it all went downhill from there. And FFXII, what the heck was that all about? Where was the story and the depth of character that the others had? It was nowhere to be found IMHO.

The Great Melon3663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

FFX was the game that finally liberated me from my narrow worldview of a Nintendo fanboy. I really enjoyed the characters in FFX, especially Wakka. John DiMaggio nailed the voice and did a great job with the character.

ballsofsteel3663d ago

actually 8 years but still agree. you simply can't play a game that old and expect it to live up to the standards we have now. for it's time FFX had some of the best graphics, most amazing cutscenes, and best voice acting for it day. is was during this early PS2 era that voice acting really became an integral part of story telling and videos games. games back then couldn't be like mass effect and afford big Hollywood voice actors. video games are the one genres that can't really have timeless classics

Nikuma3663d ago

The last true FF game was FF9. After 9 the series has gone in decline imo.

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Eternally333664d ago

What kind of stupid fuc!in article is this, this game is from 2001 it was one of the first FF to have voice recording its one of the best voice recording I have ever heard and its the second best in the FF franchise, People writing this article know must be really fuc!in crazy the voice acting is perfect.

tehk1w13664d ago

I disagree.

Final Fantasy X is still the BEST in the franchise.

Best story, best gameplay and best music.

iamtehpwn3664d ago

waaay better.
I've played through this game in English and Japanese, and I'm nearly fluent with spoken Japanese...There's not much of a difference.

Obama3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

I agree with teh1w1 that it is the best in ff franchise. And what's with the deformed pedobear?

StarScream4Ever3664d ago

Aye you said it, personally it is my favorite FF of all time! 7 is second. XD

anti-gamer3664d ago

my best FF game was VI and VII, I didn't like FFX the game liner and story didn't appear form it is my option not heat.

nikoado3664d ago (Edited 3664d ago )

For me, it goes something like:

Haven't played the earlier ones. Having said that, I have beaten Penance on multiple play-throughs and pretty much know X's story off by heart...
I really like playing FFX. In fact, I will stop talking about it now in case I start playing it all over again:)

ape0073663d ago

I played it and it was one of the best games on ps2, a truly unforgettable experience

Godmars2903663d ago (Edited 3663d ago )

Are you kidding Obama?

"Why so serious...little girl."

Anyway, FFX was the last proper step the franchise took in its own development as well as the development of JRPGs. the whole industry's been stagnating ever since.

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LightofDarkness3664d ago

I actually really, REALLY didn't like FFX. I couldn't warm to the characters at all. I didn't like the battle system, nor the linearity of most of the beginning half. I thought XII was much a better game, it dealt with more mature themes and I enjoyed the experience quite a bit more than this one. And the voice acting really is THAT bad, it was one of the things that turned me off about the game at first.

In contrast, XII has stellar voice acting (with the exceptions of Fran and Balthier's weaker lines). My main criticism of XII is the apparent last minute decision to make Vaan the main character instead of Basch, who had a far more relevant role in the plot. It did not prevent me from enjoying the game or story enough to identify it as a major problem, though.

I know many people love this game, but I can't understand why. Perhaps it was much of the younger audience's first Final Fantasy game, whereas my first FF was VI (it was called III when I played it, stupid Square), then IV, then VII, VIII and IX. My list of best FF games goes like this:

1. Final Fantasy VI
2. Final Fantasy VII
3. Final Fantasy XI (this game NEVER gets the praise it deserves)
4. Final Fantasy IV
5. Final Fantasy XII
6. Final Fantasy VIII (XII and VIII really share the same space in my heart)

batterystrength3664d ago

'cause for me it's the other way around. But i Really don't understand why people give the voice acting in FFX so much hate. I mean i read it quite often but only on english speaking sites, so maybe it's an american thing ? I found the voice acting very good actually, the voices fitted to the characters perfectly in FFX. So maybe you have to be a native speaker of english to understand...

As for FFXII im mean c'mon you can't compare those two games, the characters hardly ever speak in FFXII. As for being more mature I don't know but the plot of XII is like " gay guy want's to become sky pirate, big mean empire attacks little good kingdom, gay sky pirate guy somehow gets involved with the princess and has to save the world. But i only played it once so correct me if i'm wrong there.

After playing X, playing XII was a big dissapointment because X had everything: a great gameplay, exellent story, beautiful music and interesting and developed characters. XII had a good gameplay but as for the rest...

My list looks like this :
1: FF VIII (it was my first FF)
2: FF X
3: FF VI (exellent game !)
4: FF IX
12: FF XII

Razgriz3663d ago

sacrifice, brainwashing, dystopian church are mature themes enough in my book. Yeah, FFXII has its share of mature themes too

WLPowell3663d ago

You can't say XII is better than X. The "JRPG's have to conform to MY criteria" crowd will disagree. IMO XII took a lot of chances and in the end everything felt far more satisfying. XII had a deeper battle system, better visuals, better music, better story. X was melodramtic cliche after melodramatic cliche... lulu had a great rack and auron was pretty tight though.

Empyrean_Eclipse3663d ago

however.. The best FF game imo is ff12.. Much better story than the rest that I have played. 8 9 10.. 10 is way too linear for me, and the mini ball game is better than the main game..

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mullerhun3664d ago

My favorite game of the series, and 8:)

I played both 2 times, and i think i will do it sometime again!

BeaArthur3664d ago

Easily my favorite in the seires.

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