7 ways video game companies annoy gamers

Seven devious and malicious ways video game companies continue to screw with their customers and totally piss gamers off.

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tehk1w13673d ago

Sooooo...pretty much everything Activision, Sony and Microsoft have been doing for years now?

MerkinMax3673d ago

When the gaming community makes it clear they either want or don't want something and the developer ignores them. The gamers buy your games so why not give them what they want?

Skyyo3673d ago

I am done with MW series. I hated to actually buy MW2 and still regret getting it. Madden Can suck it to. Actually I stopped buying new games just to find out if the company plans on releasing DLC that is already on the disc. If they do then I skip that game.

Could care less how good(hyped) the game is.

Activision can suck it for all i care.

lolcatz3673d ago

Yeah, MW2 left a really bad taste in my mouth too. They over charged for it and it was glitchy as hell right out of the box. Good job, Activision.

STK0263673d ago (Edited 3673d ago )

I agree that developers should listen to what the customers want in their games, but only to a certain extent. Most of the time on the internet, when I read someone's blog or whatever in which he demands to see things in a particular game, it would be either hard (or expensive) to integrate, would obviously make the game unbalanced or simply couldn't be implemented in a good way.

People love chainsaws, they love zombies, they love cake, [most] like boobs and a surprising number likes animes. If, somehow, 50 000 people signed a petition asking EA to change Command and Conquer 4 so it includes Cake-headed, chainsaw-wielding zombies fighting on a giant boob-shaped battlefield against Naruto, I don't think it'd be a wise move to do as they say.

Of course, this is largely exaggerated, but it shows that it could be hard for most developers to actually filter everything the gamers want to make sure it still fits with the game. Also, a game being [in my opinion] a form of art, they are free to create the game they want, the way they want.

Well, let's start a petition then! After re-reading what I wrote, I'll admit that it would atleast be a rent, if not only to see just how weird a game can be.

kaveti66163673d ago

8. When a developer or publisher tells you that X game is only going to be on Y console, and it turns out it will actually be on Z console soon after, that's very annoying.

I have both consoles and like them both, but as of right now one of them is plugged in and the other is packed away. So I don't like to have to switch between consoles frequently.

And more than that, I don't like that I will buy a game for a certain console only to be told later that the game is coming to the other console later. I want one of my consoles to be the go-to console, so I plan on making most of my game purchases for one of the consoles, and the other console is for exclusives.

Also, I just don't like it when they lie about their game info, period.

Forget about the console war for a second, and just imagine how annoying it is to be misinformed all the time. The publisher PR guy is supposed to give us information. Why are they doing such a piss poor job.

GamersRUs3673d ago


I'd totally buy the game you described. Sounds awesome in fact.

Lich1203673d ago

Couldn't agree with ya more, STK.

mikeslemonade3672d ago

8. Normally exclusive developer change to multiplatform.

Pisses me off cause it makes the game not as a quality made, and it's done primarily for them just to make money. Does not benefit the gamer at all.

Solidus187-SCMilk3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Funny taht the top 3 were all things that IW/Actiblind did with MW2.

plus alot of other ones to.

haqshot3672d ago

Well clearly this article was written by someone who has yet to graduate from high school. The other possibility is that they have never taken even a basic economics class.

Charge people more money because you know they will pay it? ITS CALLED SUPPLY AND DEMAND.

Who let this author post articles anyways?

GamersRUs3672d ago


Saying something so horrifically stupid pretty much reveals that you know absolutely nothing about economics or marketing.

tehk1w13672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Yes it was a supply and demand call.

But when you operate in an industry where the price of commodity are more or less fixed, charging more just because you have a product that's more popular just pisses people off.

Will it make you money short term? Yes. Does it hurt customer loyalty? Definitely.

But I'm sure you know that since you were so quick to act like a pretentious know it all.

emkize3672d ago

So, supply and demand is charging people more money because you know they will pay it? Are you a completely retarded or just a little? Charging a high price just because you can is called poor ethics and a good way to drive your company into the ground.

Supply and demand is when you have a high demand for a product in low supply and up the price. Hmm, kind of like when stupid fads come out and people buy them up really quick so they can sell them on eBay for 500% profit when nobody can find them. Example: Furbies, Gay Elmos, gaming consoles, you mom's favorite dildo.

Do us all a favor. The next time you think you're "Johnny on the spot badass of business", keep your stupid mouth shut and save yourself the embarrassment of looking like a jackass.

lolcatz3672d ago

Using supply and demand as an excuse to charge $10 more than everyone else just highlights what a greedy bastard you are.

It's smart business, yes, but it also pisses people off. Oh, and what do you know --that's what the article is about. Not what'll make you money, but what irritates the crap out of gamers.

+points for reading comprehension, haqshot. Good one. Who let you on the Internet?

haqshot3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

First, video games are not commodities. Rice/wheat/milk are commodities. Mass Effect 2 is not. Second, who said video game prices are fixed? Just because most sell for around the $60 price point doesn't mean they are fixed. If you watch prices, many games are heavily discounted even just 1 or 2 weeks after release. As for customer loyalty, how many people out of the millions that bought Modern Warfare 2 do you think have even HEARD OF Activision?

Any company's main goal is to generate the highest profit possible. The one correct price of ANYTHING is the price at which the highest profit is attained. I can promise you that Activision made a higher profit last year with its higher pricing policy than it would have otherwise.

Perhaps higher prices do piss off some gamers. In reality, most games are bought by little kids' parents so those gamers really couldn't care less because money grows on trees to them. As for the more mature gamers who actually buy their own games, if they think they are getting ripped off for paying $60 for Modern Warfare 2 when [Insert crappy Wii game] costs $50, well, they are just too stupid or too spoiled for me to comment on.

tehk1w13672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Money grows on trees? You DO realize the state that the economy is in right now, right?

They made more money and probably thrilled their investors and shareholders. They also caught a ton of negative PR for the stunt. Did they lose sales as a result? Maybe. Did they lose some customer loyalty? Without a doubt.

It was probably the right business choice, but it was also a pretty big D-Bag move that didn't win them any love from gamers. And like someone said earlier, that's what this article is about. What pisses off gamers. Not about what's smart business.

Killjoy30003672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

is definitely at the very top of my list, especially if it's very anticipated news. What makes it even worse is if they're not waiting for a press event to announce it for a bigger impact, they're just using time as a cheap way to build hype. And the worse part?? When the anouncment is extremely underwhelming. A prime example is Bioware anouncing the anouncment of the revamp of their Mass Effect 2 website.

TheDeadMetalhead3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

@STK026 - f*ck, I'd buy it. D;

@kaveti - Wouldn't that go under 3?

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GSpartan7773673d ago

How gaming Journalist annoy gamers as well because I think that is one of the things that have recently been the most annoying this the gaming community has had to deal with.

tehk1w13673d ago

The biggest difference is that journalists don't directly impact you.

If Activision jacks up the price of Modern Warfare 2, that pisses you off. If someone posts a crappy article, that might be mildly annoying, but it's really not that big of a deal.

I'll take bad articles any day over being raped in the butt by big corporations.

lolcatz3673d ago

I have a rage induced seizure whenever I read some of the crap that passes through N4G admittedly.

Solidus187-SCMilk3672d ago

gaming journalism- the epitome of oxymoron.

LordMarius3673d ago

1. If your name is Microsoft
2. If your name is Valve
3. If your name is Turn 10
4. If your name is Bungie
5. If your name is Rare
6. If your name is Remedy
7. If your name is Square Enix

GamersRUs3673d ago

Sure you mean..

1. Sony
2. Sony
3. Sony
4. Sony
5. Sony
6. Sony
7. Sony

Two can play that game. At least MS isn't the one blacklisting sites for giving reviews this time.

anti-gamer3673d ago

where you been under MicroSoft blacklisted Gamekult befor sony did.

GamersRUs3673d ago

Seriously? Wow. What'd they do to piss off two of the biggest companies off? That doesn't seem like a smart business decision. =/

anti-gamer3672d ago

not only sony and microsoft. EA, ubisoft and eidus they did the same thing.

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starmin763673d ago

When a company refuses to make a much wanted sequel to one of their most beloved games *cough*kotor 3*cough*

lolcatz3673d ago

I don't think Bioware has ever made a Part 3 to any of their games.

Closest they ever got was when they made an xpac for Baldur's Gate 2.

Usually they make one good game then pawn it off to Obsidian for sloppy seconds like KOTOR 2, Neverwinter Nights 2, etc.

GamersRUs3673d ago

I want KOTOR 3 so bad. To hell with this MMORPG nonsense.

Gimme some old school dice rolling D and D any day.

Arkose3673d ago

lolcatz is correct; despite making many different series Mass Effect 3 will actually be the first time BioWare has made a third entry. Now that they are owned by EA and focussing on their own IPs (rather than licensed ones as with Baldur's Gate and KotOR) it's very likely that all current and future BioWare series will see at least three entries.

tehk1w13673d ago

I think BioWare gave up one Baldur's Gate since Atari now owns the rights to Dungeons and Dragons.

Which is BS, I know. Minsc and Boo....I miss thee. :(

Raz3672d ago

I haven't played ME/ME2 yet, but I'm actually loving Dragon Age. Fills that empty space in my heart where KOTOR used to be. ^_^

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OrganicMachine3673d ago

so basically, about 7 of those reasons, falls under..


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