Is Wii-Moting, Xbox Living Or PSN'ing Not Addictive Enough?

The Associated Press recently ran a story about video game addiction, which is probably a faster growing problem than the hair on Robin William's back. The article pin-points some interesting aspects of video game addiction, and what some professionals think of it. So how does gaming addiction come about and what role does console gaming play in it?

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DirtyRat4189d ago

not much to add in that article really

clownfacemcgee4189d ago

It's just that the games are better. I play console and MMO and MMO's are more fun, but run you about $15 a month, and not everyone wants to pay that much. MMO's have a whole community and real people to say "hello."

And this guy obviously doesn't know much about WoW or he would know that WoW is anti-grinding. 90% of the time, you'll be questing to level. Also GTA never "ends." Any kind of sandbox game never "ends." Any online game never really "ends." This guy just really doesn't get mmo's.

Also there's no article here, just some guys opinion. A small piece at the beginning and then this guy starts shoving crap down your throat.