New Scrapped Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Material - writes: "There is way more scrapped material in MW2 than we initially thought, not just game modes but also audio and weapons.

Awhile back » we revealed that PC modders discovered various Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer modes hidden on the disk. These are modes that we're unfinished and only likely to appear via playlist updates, if ever completed, rather than as paid DLC."

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TheBest3667d ago

Is it possible for someone to list what this includes? Cos my anti-virus is blocking that website and I can't unblock it. I understand if you won't.

Majors3667d ago

""There's audio files here for something called "Defcon" (Audio says "Defcon Team Deathmatch" for example), a new gametype called "Arms Race", and Team Deathmatch Pro, Free For All Pro, Search and Destroy Pro and Sabotage Pro. There's also voices for Team Tactical, and no, it's not 3rd person either.
I also found the weapons folder and found the G3, G36, R700, M40, M240, SA80, AW50, a power drill, MP5, MP9, and the MP44.""

Basically thats all thats there..
Hope this helps

TheBest3667d ago

Thank you very much my good man/woman. Interesting weapons ...

RumbleFish3667d ago

easily find some ugly examples for wrong spelling in these few phrases. Is this journalism? WTF???