Madden NFL 11 First Development Blog

During halftime of the Superbowl the developers of Madden 11 released the first Development Blog. In the video the team details some improvements to next years iteration, as well as a meet a greet with who's working on the new game.

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cpuchess3667d ago

Hopefully they will improve on the graphics and what they began with last years half-time show. I would also love to see it come back to the PC though I doubt that will happen.

originalrece3651d ago

Madden 10 was a good improvement in the franchise but still needs work..... gang tackles is good halftime show is good presentation is better.

The things madden 11 needs to work on is ONLINE FRANCHISE!!! im a big fan and this franchise mode is half A$$ed if u ask me... no offense... I hate that when i start a new franchise it doesnt let me use the new updated roster to that date WTF??? why am i playing a franchise with larry johnson on the chiefs...? also i hate that i cant watch other people play each other.. all i wanna do is just spectate the game and i cant do that.... also u need to make the franchise mode more like the regular one... no im not askin for a salary cap but can i get a player of the week an stuff? can i get an MVP of the Year??? also i player management needs a all Tab...
Can u please work on the Presentation too... i hate that the superbowl feels like a regualar game.. ITS THE SUPERBOWL!! cAN I have a better presentation please... make people while we in the playoffs cant wait to watch the superbowl even if they were eliminated ( AGAIN ADD THE SPECTATING WHO WANTS TO DO A WHOLE ENTIRE SEASON AND NOT EVEN GET TO WATCH THE SUPERBOWL...)

Add preseason also this gives us more time to make trades and check out the rookies... also can we get a extra point?? add some live highlights to it so others can see I mean u took the ESPN license from 2k USE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!... make like a highlight show uwww i have an idea let everyone of our games let us be able to choose 5 replays and post them on the main franchise screen so others can watch that would be awesome! (i should b makin madden huh?)