Spaziogames Preview: White Knight Chronicles

Spaziogames: Finally we are. After waiting an incredibly long time, the first product for the PlayStation 3 targato Level-5 is ready to be deployed in the West.

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b045913667d ago

I don't really care for the reviews, i am really looking forward to this game.

Blacksand13667d ago (Edited 3667d ago )

WKC is a nice game its a 8 and i like it. I enjoy playing online with other people but its a good game dont lesson to the journalists go get the game and do your on review.

hatchimatchi3667d ago

Played this game for about 5 hours last night. Absolutely loving it so far. I really don't understand the reviews this time around...

Graphics are great, music is great, story seems great so far, voice acting is good. The battle system is a bit slow (at first) but like with any other jrpg, there's an ATB, except this game is played out in real time. That being said though, once I realized that the game plays in a turn based fashion but in real time, the system clicked for me and I found myself really enjoying it. (I love level grinding.) My suggestion, learn 'haste' and cast it if you don't like waiting, it speeds up the ATB. Fans of jrpg games will enjoy WKC.

Also, I gathered all that from the single player game which according to most sites is the weakest part of the game.