Evony Scam "World of Lordcraft"

Just as it seemed the internet had been rid of Evony, and their hapless tactics, it seems as though they're back at it! This time, they are getting even deeper into the copyright infringement territory, and are "stealing" from one of the most successful games on the market today.

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T3L3PROOF3669d ago

Damn I thought we got rid of them.

CoderDunn3669d ago

You can't kill the plague of the internetz!

SL1M DADDY3669d ago

Everybody on the interwebz like breasts and when you advertise like that, you get hits.

tdrules3669d ago

Haha oh wow.

this is why I use Adblock on Chrome

2Negative3669d ago

admit it, life is more fun when with Envoy in it. It was fun figuring out ways to get rid of them, but once we beat them we were heroes with out a villain. Now our villain is back and we get to fight all over again. Welcome back Envoy.

CoderDunn3669d ago

You must have played it a lot, considering you spelt it's name wrong ... twice

ChrisW3669d ago

I kinda miss the lingerie models... They've gone back to bland and crappy GIF animations.

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