For 'Heavy Rain' Sake, Know Your PS3 Controls; Demo Impressions w/ Topless Pic

PerezStart writes: Ever get mixed up pressing a button on your controller? Triangle instead of Square? Well, you'll be surprised to know many gamers still do. For the most part, I'm very comfortable with the PS3 controller. I've occasionally pressed the wrong button during a QTE (Quick Time Event). You know, where you have to press an onscreen button at that exact moment. Well Heavy Rain is full of QTEs and you better get familiar with the layout of the controller before you play.

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ClownBelt3671d ago

LIES! There wasn't any topless pic.

mrjuandrful3671d ago

Click on the "here" link at the bottom ;). It's NSFW

presto7173671d ago

My goodness... Only n00bs struggle with that.

3671d ago
presto7173671d ago

Lolz. Yeah you're right.

Well to me they all fall under the same category, if you know what I mean...

badz1493671d ago

"For those who came just for the topless pic, click here." - priceless! (^0^)

Redempteur3670d ago


i don't look at my controller ..i look at the screen !!
How the hell do you play if you don't know where each input is on your gamepad ?

How is it a problem since every playstation has the same input model ( dualshock 1,2,3, sixaxis and even psp ...)

everyone who play at least a little know how they are ...

bruddahmanmatt3670d ago

Umm, the Dualshock's buttons have been in the same damn spot for over 15 years. If you have trouble figuring out which buttons to push without looking down you're either new to the Playstation franchise or a damn idiot with some of the worst hand-eye in the world.

Solidus187-SCMilk3670d ago

I sure do since they have been the same since ps1.

Ive always found it interesting that sony choose the universal choice with shapes. That makes it easier to remember then others since every other console uses the same letters(A,B,X,Y).

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unrealgamer583671d ago

you really do need to know you're controller

Blaze9293671d ago

i just wish we didnt have to use R2 to walk. Can not explain to you how frustrating that was for me.

Typical-Guy3671d ago

@ Blaze929 I agree that was a little bit weird, but we'll get used to it. The game is B3YOND AMAZING.

jmare3671d ago

Just pretend the character is a car. It's literally the same set up as almost any racing/driving game.

Blaze9293671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

No...not at all. Not even close in fact

Timesplitter143670d ago

And you sir need to know your grammar

jmare3670d ago

How is it different? Most racing games use R2 to go and the left stick to steer. The same is the case in Heavy Rain.

Blaze9293670d ago

Well you see, for racing games it actually works. For this game, it's clunky, doesn't always go in the direction you want to go, slow, unnatural feeling.

Don't get me wrong here, love the game, but the controls just flat out suck. I don't know how or why you're comparing this to a racing game but whatever.

pixelsword3670d ago

uh... ok?

Does L2 reverse?

I'll have to see if I can download this tonight or tomorrow.

Seven_ate_Nine3670d ago

It's actually not that hard to get the hang of. Just hold R2 then give the stick a little nudge in the specified direction. At first it might seem the little nudge didn't do anything but you'll notice the character walking in the direction you intended. It's a lot like any other game, you just have to hold down R2 to get 'em to move. Practice this a bit and let me know if it helps you at all

Tainted Gene3670d ago

The way I worked around the controls was instead of hold R2 and touching the stick to change directions. I just held on to the R2 trigger regardless and move the left stick like it was GTA, RE series, etc to move the character. After about 15min I forgot I was holding the R2 trigger and felt like it was just any other 3rd person control scheme.

thats my 2cents and a quarter....

N4Flamers3670d ago

the reason they have R2 as the signal for walking is because in one spot you might have multiple objects that you can interact with. so you might want to orientate the character without moving around.

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Muthafodder3671d ago

I fracking HATE the controls.

I canceled my pre-order over that bullshit.

A game shouldn't be about button mashing.

Typical-Guy3671d ago

Then stick to your 1st person " $HITTER ".

Hellsvacancy3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Aint God Of War/Ninja Gaiden/Bayonetta/Devil May Cry etc all button bashers? (mashin - wotever)

Masterbation is a kinda button mashin, i bet your left-butt cheek u dont complain about that

Edit: 4-got 2 mention Street Fighter, Teken and Dead Or Alive

jmare3671d ago

So name a game where you don't push buttons. What, can't do it? oh, you must be a fvcking moron. It's okay, not everyone can grasp different concepts.

Muthafodder3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Yeah, GoW is the same.

I only wish I had known that before buying the Collection.

I canceled that pre-order too.

It sucks to have beautiful games but you can't focus on have to focus on hitting triangle instead of square...annoying as frack and does nothing but detract from the gameplay.

I have over 70+ non sports games for the PS3 and was looking forward to this...not anymore.

Even if that fight scene with what seemed like an eternity of random button mashing was the only event in which I had to do that it would be more than I'd want to do.

Climbing that hill in the Demo and I have to tap buttons = a big "this is gay"

Yeah this game will keep you on the edge of your seat....yeah waiting to hit the right button.

Muthafodder3671d ago

Re: 1.3

Yeah all the games I play throw up the pictures of buttons I need to hit while I traverse up a hill and in a fight.

You sir fail at relativity!!!

Typical-Guy3671d ago

@ Muthafodder

Well, if you can't concentrate then this isn't our problem nor the game's.

Muthafodder3671d ago

That's great juveniles...I give my reasons for not wanting to purchase the game.

What do you give in return:

name calling


You want to argue're the ones clamoring about a game that has to tell you the next button to hit in order to proceed.

Trebius3671d ago

stick to Modern Warfare ... Heavy Rain is too much for your feeble brain to handle...

"OMG you have to his R2 to walk!?!!?!"

Lol, ppl are so dumb ... the controls are perfect the way they are. If you cant appreciate this game cause you legitimately dont like the TYPE of game it is, thats understandable...

but to shun it because you have to press a BUTTON to walk! rofl, that's just ignorant.


You're missing out on a good title here. The Demo was convincing enough for me, I'm getting this day 1.

Typical-Guy3671d ago

@ Muthafodder the game isn't for you why are you upset !

I'll make sure that Sony take your permission to develop a game.

Muthafodder3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Nope...wrong again.

I'm not a fan of Modern Warfare either.

My qualm isn't with holding down R2 to walk...that was OK...but you'd know that if you read my comment. I wouldn't go around calling folks ignorant along with a misquote...kinda shows who the ignorant one is.

You guys remind me of the teabaggers...bunch of infighting.

I'm entitled to my opinion about this game.

My sucks and not worthy of my $60.

Keep up with the name calling guys almost have me convinced to change my mind.


To that mouthpiece below me...

Wasn't that what the Demo was for?????

Oner3671d ago

Oh I get it! You fail to research what & how the gameplay is like and then you complain about the game itself because you didn't do your own due diligence in at least reading or seeing videos about them...gotcha!


Bodyboarder_VGamer3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Ninja Gaiden is no button masher but the others are...

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Lirky3671d ago

Im sure if its in japan first then like many sites will leak data about the game ill stop visiting all gaming sites starting feb. 17th

Because i know there will be articles saying What if... u did this first the ending wouldnt be this way.

Hellsvacancy3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

I picked the controllers up STRAIGHT AWAY (no fuss here), ive played/completed (and loved) Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy) so i knew (kinda) wot i woz in-4

Even my missis (who ISNT a gamer,AT-ALL) played the demo, she found the controls a little confusin coz she doesnt ever use my PS3 (except 4-Vidzone) but she got the hang of it in no-time

"Try takin your other hand outta ya pants and use both hands 2-play people"

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