CNN Review: 'MAG' brings worldwide warfare to PS3

CNN: If you subscribe to the adages "the more, the merrier" or "bigger is better," then you should be plenty happy with Sony's MAG ("Massive Action Game"), a PlayStation 3 exclusive that lets you battle with up to 256 players over the Internet in a number of near-future skirmishes.

Although this ambitious online-only shooter suffers from a few technical kinks at the time of this writing, action fans with a penchant for multiplayer mayhem should be happy with this much-hyped war game.

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cayal3666d ago

Who scores anything out of 4?

Chaos Striker3666d ago

4 of 4 stars? A lot of movie critics do 4 star scoring.

cayal3666d ago

4 seems very odd. A game that has one point deduction is 25% less then a 'perfect' score. Seems a bit much.

Blaze9293666d ago

when did CNN...freakin' CNN of all puclications start doing video game reviews? oh lord don't give FOX News any ideas.

Bigpappy3666d ago

3/4 gives this game 7.5/10. 4/4 would have given it 10/10. No wiggle room.

gamingisnotacrime3666d ago

CNN is just coping with the public, and video games are as mainstream as music and movies, so by reviewing games thay can attend the interest of millions of viewrs

well, off to play some MAG
Go RAVEN Go!!!

theEnemy3666d ago

They do, so here we go.

pixelsword3666d ago

- it's one off from perfect, and the guy pretty much likes the game you can tell from the tone of his review

- that 75 is a good score, which is a lot of people were trying to say in the first place.

raztad3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

MAG is awesome. I need to state that yet again.

Good news for you fellow RAVENs. This is a report front the Domination frontline. Tonight after two humiliating MAJOR defeats, one defending against SVER and other attacking VALOR base. We proud RAVENs hold SVERs off our base, and later utterly destroyed the legendary SVER base gaining a resounding MAJOR VICTORY.

This is the first time I see SVER being helplessly annihilated.

The strategy was simple: Stay together and destroy one by one every Bunker before even try to capture the burnoff/cooling towers. It was effective. In no time (less than 8 min) our squad was capturing/holding its assigned objective.

SL1M DADDY3666d ago

Why not give FOX news any ideas? They would at least be "fair and balanced"... right?

ButterToast3666d ago

scoring out of 4 is a lot better than assigning larger arbitrary numbers. seriously what the hell is an 86/100 or an 9.2/10 (I'm looking at you GT). no need to be so precise here just a general ballpark figure. out of 5 is probably my preference, but I'd rather have out of 4 than out off 100 and get stupid scores like 97, 62, or 83.

+ Show (8) more repliesLast reply 3666d ago

Maybe CNN got tired of 'disaster porn' and gave Gupta,Cooper and friends a new,more appropriate assignment?
Maybe the MAG review can be re-evaluated every 25 seconds for the next 7 days.Maybe a special like 'MAG in America'.
Can't wait.

LordMarius3666d ago

I would give you a bubble for that but you already have enough

mhmmm an agree will suffice

justpassinggas3666d ago

Your name suits you, my friend.

kneon3666d ago

The Situation Room - Shadow War edition

gamingisnotacrime3666d ago

is not "mayhem" perse
is tactical squad based action, with the chaotic aspect of war.
This game should be played by everyone, this is NOT a FPS online game, the role you take on your squad is totally up to you, and the gameplay is fantastic

xc7x3666d ago

MAG,the reality series on A&E

Anorexorcist3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

A MAG reality show on the Military Channel would be better. Right after Mail Call, with the "Gunny" R. Lee Ermey!!!

xc7x3666d ago

much like a review on CNN lol

ShinFuYux3666d ago

I think this is a sign that everyone is starting to see that video gaming is starting to become something more important to the entertainment industry than ever before. So, companies like CNN are going to jump into the bandwagon now so they can start doing video gaming news, reviews and etc.

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