TGV - Dante's Inferno Review

Even with a not so glowing review on yet another Hack 'n Slash release this year, Dante's Inferno escapes the fire with The Game Vine's Superklue.

SuperKlue writes: "Last week saw the release of a new franchise from publisher EA: Dante's Inferno. The story is loosely based around the epic Italian poem, the Divine Comedy. You play as Dante, a man who returns home from the Crusades to find his wife murdered and her soul taken into the depths of Hell. Obviously, you're quite displeased by this and take the express elevator downstairs to find/save her."

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Hunter863665d ago

Good review. Been considering picking this game up.

leeeeed3665d ago

Damn another hack n slash - when will they quit ;)

Unicron3665d ago

I find this a good thing. Last year was saturated by FPS. Now if only they'd bring back more platformers...

SuperKlue3665d ago

Another top review from the boys at TGV if i do say so myself.

SirGeo3665d ago

Hmm, another game i'll have to save up for...