Death Of A Giant: Halo 2

Bungie have asked fans to play the game online once more on April 14, just one day before the servers are disconnected, to give it one last hurrah. They sure do know how to make things go out with a bang. So here we are, witnessing the end of one of the most played online games of the last decade. Farewell Halo 2, you will be missed.

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-Alpha3668d ago

Though I'm not sure if it got approved.

Why exactly is MS discontinuing Xbox 1 Online? I don't get it, don't a lot of people still play games like Halo 2?

And I could swear that Playstation Online for PS2 is still going...

Hell Dreamcast still has online, though I don't think it's Sega-approved.

nighmare233668d ago

halo 2 is a great game but we will have "reach"........still alot of people are still playing halo 3, im suprise people are still playing halo 2 O-O

Bathyj3668d ago

I guess not everyone has jumped in yet.