VGC: Heavy Rain Demo Impressions

VGC writes: "First, for those that don't know, Heavy Rain is an interactive drama. Almost every action has a consequence, be it small or large. The game, for the most part, forsakes "typical" gameplay in favour of a series of cutscenes which can be interacted with, using context sensitive button presses (sometimes, more than one is available, and you have a choice). However, contrary to widespread belief, this is not the entire game. A large portion is spent in free move mode, where you can interact with certain objects in the environment using, of course, context sensitive button presses. One might think this would ruin the immersion, but it serves to do exactly the opposite. None of the button presses are illogical, if that makes any sense. It makes you feel like you are the character, going through each of their actions."

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BulletToothtony3666d ago

just because there is no pew pew pew.. every minute of the game it does not mean it doesn't count as gameplay..

I'm tired of people not being able to see this game as a game.. so many newbies to the gaming industry.. can't simply get their heads around something new.. sad really

3666d ago
El_Colombiano3666d ago

It amazes me how people can not see this as a game. Just because it is different it is shunned. Amazing.

3666d ago
Braineater24483666d ago

Can't wait for this game. I dont care if people say it's just an interactive movie. It looks straight up sexy.

Kantor3666d ago

It's more of a watchable game than an interactive movie, really. The game part is central to Heavy Rain.

Kantor3666d ago

Hopefully, more people can see this article, and realise that Heavy Rain is more than just a cutscene with quicktime events.

creeping judas3666d ago

I've been trying to say for a long time that this is not a game as we are used to. It is a new medium in the gaming area. So to not call it a game is actually complimenting Heavy Rain!!

Kantor3666d ago

Then it's a damned amazing one! How many movies let you control one of the characters and ultimately infuence the plot line? =D

redsquad3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

If people had balked at 'something different' back in ye oldé days the same way many people are whinging about HEAVY RAIN now, we'd all be still be playing Pong (in 1080p of course).

Thank god for developers that take chances.

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