Analyzing the Game-Changing Shadow Complex Achievements

The advent of achievements added an element to games that had never been present before. Some are pointlessly arbitrary… yet some completely transform your gaming experience.

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GrahameG3670d ago

I often find myself re-playing or changing the way I would play a game for achievements. I'm no achievement hunter, but I do like how they can change the way you approach a game and breathe new life into it.

Good stuff.

StartWars3670d ago

I've never been overly bothered about bragging points to be honest.

jessfams3670d ago

I love the idea of achievements actually playing a role in how you replay a game. It's something I'd like to see in other, bigger titles to give meaning to trophy and achievement hunting.

Braineater24483670d ago

I really enjoyed Shadow Complex. One of the better XBLA games recently.

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The story is too old to be commented.